L’AT du lundi: KuCoin (KCS), an asset that resists marching?

In this new analytical technology, passers-by review it KCS which is the utility token of the platform KuCoin. Reducing deal fragmentation or focusing on the benefits of the exchange platform for detenters KCS, the essay platform to attract new users. What other advantages do you have for reaching the air? A very good question on how to pour and answer. For instant, allones make an escalation on our graphics to match the structure of the KCS circuit which, on the other hand, is relatively solid.

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Un niveau à ne pas perdre en hebdomadaire

KCS exchange rate face to dollar on the hepathe scale (1W)

After leaving the accumulation period for a long time since its launch in 2021, KCS has included new sums with an all-time high à $ 28.77 in late November. For authenticity, at the same time as the rest of the march, one end τάση baissière hebdomadaire with crews and sommets απογονοι. When the item is turned on, the coupling is active. Oui, il n’a pas perdu son support hebdomadaire qui, ancienement, était a resistance. This situation is va-t-elle durer;

In the frame of a basic tendency with a support touched by several reprisals, this deviates from more than more fragile. Are the accelerators there to take their place? If we follow a continuation of the current trend with a hepatic culture inferior to $ 14, we avoid avoiding the ones above the lower levels. But what levels are monitored in the frame of a continuum of fund tendency?

We can identify three zones on which the flow rate will react technically with the aceter volume:

  • The belt is $ 9.5 : Resistance in May and June of last year, at the office of July Support τέ September 2021.
  • Les $ 6.95 : Levels or countries will react in February 2021, the price of Russia to stay until May and June 2021.
  • Less $ 5.15 : At the technical level, during the February and April 2018 reaction, the march did not obliterate this downstream zone.

Bien que le KCS you can potentially react to the hepatocellular scale at these levels, even if you do not have enough. You can see a little more clear about the seminars to come, directing us to the graphic on the journal scale to determine the most plausible scenarios.

Is KCS in a technical impasse?

KCS exchange rate face to dollar on hepatitis channel

After having slow motion, we can assist to repeat the course of the same amplifier. Quickly reintegrate the technical area $ 14, what is the suite for KCS? The journal tendency is biased with the inscription of a crease and sum plus more than the preceding one. The liquid is liquid, which is absorbed at high or low. In the frame of a ribbon of American indices, we can increase the continuity of the ribbon for the marché des cryptomonnaies.

In this frame, we can see, for the first time, a return to the supply zones represented on the graphic. At least, a return à $ 17.74 see, in the middle of the case, a return on the superior supply zone à 19.03. This allows you to complete the FVGs that are represented in the graphic. Ainsi, the march poured out a new pulse at the base. The search for the journal area that corresponds to the recent point of the KCS.

However, it should be noted that the rebound on the demand area is produced in the case of KCS in the past, in the first place, looking for the higher levels. If the Hausier bond is concretized as the whole is evoked in the second paragraph, it is not repeated because of the hepatic tendency which is basically clear. The greenhouse is necessary, during the day, to monitor the structure of the stream and the formation of ascending or descending mounds in the unit of journal time and H4. This determines the determinant by more than the direction that the KCS is intended to take.

KCS is in force face Bitcoin;

KCS cryptocurrency exchange rate face to face at the hepatitis channel
KCS Bitcoin face-to-face exchange rates

To terminate the analysis, pass a rapid point on the KCS status face to face bitcoin qui est assez positive. As you can see, after the replay of 1260 Satoshis τον Απρίλιο του 2021, l’actif arrive à surperformer le roi des cryptomonnaies en inscrivant des Higher High et Upper Low (sums and crews superior to the previous ones). Ainsi, le KCS porte bien face au bitcoin. But what about devotionally designed for the suite?

For the moment, the KCS being relatively strong in the current trade, the aura tends to move towards the high bitcoin greenhouse at home. However, while bitcoin is greenhouse, the aura tends to be much lower than the high-stakes coins. Cela confirms the debut of the article known for the fixed face or dollar relationship. Cela va-t-il continuator?

They are actually at the same level as the gold sum 2018 à 5750 satoshisthis is the last level to pass before returning to it 11000 Satoshis (summet of the previous bullrun). On the contrary, a 4000 Satoshis donnerait signals a potential trend change for KCS. In this frame, this graphic is more than just Jamaicans for surveillance. The effect is to release the bandwidths on the tendency that the activator takes over the seminal vesicles.

We voici à la fin de l’analyse du KuCoin. This active, like your removed arm, remains relatively solid in a marrow-like body. Cependant, cela n’est pas absolu. It can be changed rapidly in the cryptocurrency trade which is very volatile. Soyez donc sur vos gardes. Continue to monitor the levels cleaved in the article. The daytime trains give plus indications on the structure of the road that KCS builds. In addition, KuCoin is not limited to a simple exchange platform. For that, you can call to discover our last article to find ‘KuCoin app vis-à-vis the Web3.

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