Laporta demand à Tebas from cesser your comments on the condition of the club

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta demanded that LaLiga president Javier Tebas “refrain from commenting” on the club’s possible recruitments and on his financial means, in part because “it’s new to the club’s interests”.

The President of FC Barcelone in a disaster. Some people like Javier Tebas’s proposal on the fact that “Barça could not sign Lewandowski’s part of the” hui “day, Joan Laporta responded to the president of the League of Muscular Manners.

According to the media of the club, the Catalan conductor declared: “Only the declarations of the president of the League are counted, even if we do not have the opportunity to sign a jury. clubs, because you want to abstain from commenting on the fact that we do not have or do not sign a certain game, but this is clearly clear to the interests of FC Barcelona ».

The current president, concerning Tebas’s proposal: “I do not want to comment on this voluntarily or involuntarily. And whether it is involuntary or not, it is a complementary prelude to the lack of it and the desire to ‘être sous les feux de la rampe, ce qui, avec tout lé respect que je lui dois, ne me semble pas être sa place ».

“Ils have a video placard, all of Madrid in one place”

At the same time, Javier Tebas took advantage of a profit organized by the Spanish media Press Europa to beat PSG on the extension of Kylian Mbappé and Barça. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya .. faire. “

“Ils do not want to rent more silver and sell assets. You have to fill the guard-manger. I have a video board, all of Madrid as a whole”, said Tebas, adding to more of the different situation two clubs and the only differences they are facing in the transfer process.

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