la maladie peut-elle provoke a pandemic;

Η L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) είναι μία διαβεβαίωση lundi ne pas redouter for the instant that the propagation of the varicella virus of the singular african’s pays the Africans to declension a world pandemic.

Inquiry into a briefing on the possibility of a world pandemic, Rosamund Lewis, the chief expert of the OI variegated singles, replied: “It is still possible to reach an epidemic that does not spread,” said Ms Lewis.

400 cas signaled in a single vignette

After the Great Britain is signaled for the premiere of a confirmed variegated case on May 7, about 400 cases have been signaled to the OMS.

Endemic to parts of central and western Africa, the variegated chest has been detected in more than 20 other countries in the world surprisingly unaffected by the virus in the United States, Australia, the Emirati, and others. design of European countries.

L’OMS is not preoccupied with this “inhabitant situation”, but reiterates that it does not create a panic attack.

Fiber, cut ganglia and eruption

Single variola is left to variegation, which has millions of persons in the world every year before it became more active in 1980.

But the chest variegation is at least grave and the gluing of the genes is reproducible in three semesters.

The first symptoms consist of a strong fibrillation, swollen lymphatic ganglia, and a cut eruption similar to varicella.

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