la justice américaine va donner son feu vert

Le Chat de Mandiant in Google devrait bel et bien se concrétiser before the end of 2022, the American Department of Justice having finalized its investigation and given its green light for the merger of the two companies.

Un rachat pour reinforcement Google Cloud

The firm of Mountain View has announced the purchase of Mandiant in the month of March with 5.4 billion dollars, with the ambition to integrate its solutions in cyber security and its offering of cloud computing, Google Cloud.

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Uber allegedly avoir dissimulé un vol de données in 2016

The companies must be able to detect and respond quickly to adversaries, analyze and automate threat intelligence to extend threat detection to the assembly, automate remediation, and validate their protection against known threats and visualizing their computer environment to identify and simulate new threats “, explained the American giant in a press release when announcing the acquisition.

Google shows its position in troisième of cloud providers dans le monde, and is misunderstood while directing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. D’ailleurs, the Mountain View firm made a big coup by putting its hand on Mandiant, which was also courted by Microsoft.

Deuxième plus gros rachat de l’histoire de Google

One month after the announcement of the purchase, last April, the Department of Justice nevertheless put a slight hold on the deal by demanding more information from the two companies concerned regarding the acquisition. a legal and competitive point of view. Finally, les autorités sont prêtes à donner leur feu vert pour la complétion du rachat.

A document made public on July 15 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the federal body in charge of regulating and controlling financial markets, explains further that the Department of Justice has also renounced the merger, qui était une condition de la sale. Désormais, Google and Mandiant will make the final transaction, and the intermediate one que cela devrait être fait avant la fin de l’année.

La cybersécurité est une thématique qui prend de plus en plus d’ampleur, il n’est donc pas étonnaire de voir que Google n’ a pas hésité à réaliser le deuxième plus gros rachat de son histoire pour renforiter de las The leading acquisition of the division Motorola’s phone business, Mobility, earned $12.5 billion in 2011.

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