KPMG Avocats is accelerating the development of the regions

In addition to being created, KPMG Advocates, which mainly deals with business, fiscal and social rights, accelerates its development with the arrival of new teams of sequences in.

«KPMG Advocates’s continuous use to create attestation of our strategy accuracy. Only then do we have a cabinet of advocates of the first plan on all the national territory and an essential actor of the right of the enterprise, present in the right of affair, fiscality and right. Thanks to our territorial mailing, the strength of our proximity relationship and up to 600 experts reconciled in their specialty, which can be compared and responded to by cutting cables and stable transformation of our large clients, PME large clients », témoigne Mustapha Oussedrat, President of KPMG Avocats.

KPMG Advocates Rennes has a fiscal team

KPMG Advocates Rennes recently accessed a fiscal team to the quotes of the historical legal team from Jesse Gautier. This team, conducted by Olivier Robbensenior director advocate fiscalist, intervention in transactions, fiscal government quotes from societies, controls and fiscal content as well as patrimonial material on the hands of executives and entrepreneurs.

Elle is composed of: Charles Goffartadvocate fiscaliste manager intervening in transaction, international fiscality and fiscal management quotidien societes; Alexander Lembelursenior fiscal advocate intervening mainly on the patrimonial issues of the conductors; Chloé Bertheaumejunior fiscalist advocate intervening also to fiscalize companies whose fiscality of natural persons.

In Lyon, the Vandevelde & Associate cabinet rejoins KPMG Lawyers for creating a socially friendly department

A Lyon, the Vandevelde & Associates cabinet rejoins the KPMG Advocates Lyon bureau which has a degree of fiscal expertise with Louis Bravardassocié tax, et Anna Miserkadirect associate directly to the business.

Pilotée par Muriel Vadevelde (founding lawyer for Vandevelde & Associates Lyonnais cabinet), which has a team of more than 25 years of experience in social rights (advice and content on the work and security of the 25 years of maximum social rights (council and content in the right of the work and of the security of the social security) come descicials. Η Murielle Vandevelde is accompanying Laurent Pegoudassociate manager? Anabelle Blouetlawyer; Amaury Goujonjurist en droit social; Magali Lepratjurist en droit social; Anaïs de Fariasocial rights lawyer, composed of two legal assistants: Wanda Asnar et Laura Bucklan. Outside of specialization in general social rights, the Vandevelde & Associates cabinet also offers strong expertise in the agricultural sector in the large, agricultural-paid-agro-food production sector.

Ο Frédéric Reynes επανενώνει την KPMG Avocats Toulouse in the capacity of Director associated with each department

The KPMG Toulouse Advocates office briefly greets the arrival of Frederick Raines, as a director associated with each department directly from the companies. Frédéric Reynes also sees the development that takes place far beyond the Toulouse bureau HélèneRibauteassociated directory.

Frédéric Reynes is the Honorary Consul of Japan in Toulouse, after the occupation of 2012 with a mission to develop economic and cultural relations between France and Japan. Advocate for more than 20 years, Frédéric Reynes rehearsed the KPMG Advocate for more than four years, advocated as being associated with the Lafayette de Toulouse cabinet.

Paul Guérin reunited KPMG Avocats Angers to create the right fiscal department

An anger, Paul Guérin, lawyer, joining KPMG teams Lawyers after approximately 9 years of experience in a lawyer’s cabinet specializing in both affair and fiscality.

Marie Caruana integrates KPMG Advocates Nantes in that she specializes in direct affiliation with other societies

Maria Caruanadirect legal precedent of the General Confederation of Scop (Societes A cooperatives and participatory in France), after being a lawyer associated with the Ruby-Caruana cabinet (ex-CabinetGeporates recatejo). associated directive, working on the sides of theAnne-Laure Delalandeassociate director fiscaliste et Jennifer Nikolai, Senior Legal Director, Specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions. Marie Caruana interviewed more than a quarter of PMEs, groups of societies, cooperatives and cooperative societies in other societies, right trade and content in other trade, and right cooperative.

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