Kitchen. Factory Secrets from the beginning of the world

From the 19th century onwards, the switches were switched on with their markers against the heads of the farm, the bush and the bushing which were placed in the huts. For the bonifiers, the frames are affixed to the holes.

Bientôt, and especially in the Center and Poitou-Charentes, the producers of the light industry reunite cooperatively. At this time, in fabric staying the specialties from the pasteurized layer.

A majority of women return to the source of this new economy. As a result, they are the ones that make cheeks and shapes to acquire different and essential tissues and tissues.

Cinq stages for a single and very construction

Whichever is lighter or thinner, the method does not vary widely. It can be followed by two filters. Either it is used crucifixion, or it is used pasteurized, which is mounted at a temperature of 74 ° medaion 30 seconds. Range at a temperature of 18-19 ° C, the light is added to lactic ferments. Adjusted pressure through a coagulation lens, passing through the liquid state to the solid state. The latter is ejected through a tube. The serum, or petroleum, which is not housed inside the fabrication of the mold.

At this stage, the from and take a definite shape according to the molds in which it will be reversed. Whatever is in a bucket, in a cylinder, in a pyramid, in a book … The beginning and the other side of the bowl, it is made in a traditional way. Effective molding in small containers perforated in various shapes, easy to apply. Loss of ejaculation. It takes about 24 hours to evaporate from small residuals. This operation is effective in a fraction and a half and plays a minor role in the quality of conservation of the body.

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Salage and affinage

In principle, it is on the molded parts that the coating is effective. Parfois, the dough can be salted at the time of lightening. It does not relieve the swelling of the soil, but it also removes the element necessary to prevent the multiplication of microorganisms. To give their center-facing aspect to the inside, saupoudre a fine powder of the center of charcoal, version the most souvenir of the china. Wail, the place is ready and it’s consuming free!

If you want to mature as it matures, it’s far from being refined. Freeze units are deposited on the plates, in which the temperature is maintained at 10-11 ° with a humidity rate of 80%. This Cave is named after the hâloir. On and return regularities to the mains. The skin is transformed into a skin and does not have a white, yellow or brown color. The saura planter matures when it touches water…

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