Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Actress advocates attempt to annul the proceeding

Posted on 04 May 2022 until 14:00

As of May 3, Amber Heard’s attorneys have been reviewing the proceedings annulled.

After April 11, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard confronted the tribunal within the framework of a defamation process. The accumulators come from two large coats with different timings, key recordings and glacial revelations. Johnny Depp was notably appealed to the bar during a seminar to see the value of the version. From this quote, Amber Heard deviated from the same purpose as designing the Cour.

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However, these attorneys then deposited a request for annulment of the proceedings. I demand that it be shot by the juge, Penney Azcarate, that Tuesday 3 May. In effect, the Aquaman star’s attorneys did not want the trial to take place as Johnny Depp did not approve of any further defamation. is the one who, in reality, who aggresses Amber », exclaimed Ben Rottenborn, advocate of Amber Heard. The drill has the ability to cut through the process of assembling elements in order to find the right solution for decanting the plant.

Amber Heard in the tour

This required part of Amber Heard’s attorneys interviewed after more than one piece of information was found to be unfavorable to him. As a result, the last seminar, a psychologist, devoted to the fact that Atréa’s sufferer’s personality tubes and a video confirming his infidelity à Johnny Depp kept their marriage spread evenly diffused. In addition, Elon Musk and James Franco have been renewed as favorites.

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