Ivan Perisic (Tottenham): “A privilege of working with Antonio Conte”

Ivan Perisic: «This is a privilege to work with an engineer as well. On the end of the bonnet I the Inter, on the victory of the Champion after 10 or 11 years(de disette in Serie A). It smells like a perfume. There are no return hours. Every year football, every minute, every hour, every day. When it comes down to it, it’s also good for football. J’aime son character. It is said that we all work hard to do this.

It only makes sense to work part-time as I work hard, I work hard for the team. When it comes down to it, you can win when you choose the important thing. I can play multiple posts in the system that Tottenham currently uses. I have also seen a lot of experience since I was in a lot of big clubs. I am able to move, train, and make my own. »


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