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The estimates of Google rebroadcasts on 9to5Google, in the future Montre Connectée Pixel Watch do not seem to have much autonomy. A small journal is used to pass through the storage case. But be careful: Do not override the condition and functionalities used.

La Google Pixel Watch // Source: Google

The official Montrée pour la première fois à l’occasion de la Google I / O 2022, the Pixel Watch invites to be invited to a standalone part of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. For your conference, Mountain View’s firm is mounted on the Bavarian subject matter of its characteristics.

It does not have to be closed on any small inconsistencies that continuously draw the contours of which it is connected. À ce propos, 9to5Google do not take it too far for all information to be accessed, as one of these latest articles is concerned with the autonomy of the current.

Not more than one journal, but…

This means that the basic estimates for Google’s first premieres are based on the premiere model, the Pixel watch and the m une journée 300 mAh battery, as well as the case recharge. But be careful not to skimp on accepting this apparition as it is.

Google Pixel Clock
Source: Google

Finally, the exact accuracy of the test conditions n’a été donnée. Ή, activation of their functionalities can greatly affect the autonomy of an appliance. The always-on mode, the following of the cardiac rhythm and the following of the sommeil in party clear font.

The title of the example, and the comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 (44 mm, 361 mAh battery) that will help you try out a tiny little magazine and complete the susmentionnées fonctions. The suffix aura modifies the always-on mode (black frame instead of white frame) to show its gripping endurance in two journals.

Une charge peu véloce

Other factors also come into play, such as the processor and operating system. The Pixel watch is normal for the application of Wear OS 3, it comes with the Exynos 9110 which is renewed in Samsung Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3. good omen.

9to5Google without delay on the charge speed of the smartwatch, without quotes and exacts specifications. The reference media does not charge much, especially rapidly, which raises the performance of the Galaxy Watch 4 (within 2 hours).

Pixel Watch: You can use Google's mount without a smartphone

Certification for the Pixel Watch for the FCC as shown in the 4G version for use without avoiding your smartphone.
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