Is it a sign for a kitchen on a stove, or is it a reflection? You answered at 20H

Is it a sign for a kitchen on a stove, or is it a reflection?

At first, no. This is very clearly indicated in this article of the consumption code. All that you sign in a closet or in a living room you do not have the right to retract. This sentence will be referenced in these terms (if this is not the case, the profession will be targeted and amended).

The National Institute of Consumption explicitly states the only conditions under which you must retract: if you have written an affected loan (without having to wait for your bench, but on the same stand, in the closet or in the living room). However, you will have 14 days to cancel your loan, which will automatically save money.

Olivier Gayraud, de la CLCV, previous: “On the boards, take care to sign as much as possible. I also recommend the case of a client who builds signboards for the boards. At the time of installation, the professional is excluded from “It does not pay as much as for two placards, the client thinks that he or she will …” Be careful not to hit the chord before signing. Think about measuring size: if you do not know the approximate dimensions, how can it be developed? The whole cell discus with the professional.


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