Is AirPlay bientôt charged to Tesla?

Are Tesla vehicles and AirPlay charges earlier? Arrive regularly as Tesla’s boss responds on Twitter to users advertising such or new functionality. At the same time, the concrete of the Tesla audio system that replicates on Bluetooth to send music to the sound system of your smartphone: the passing band supplied by this technology is not suffocating for a non-press quality user advises to add the prize at the expense of the AirPlay d’Apple solution, which supposes over Wi-Fi and which allows free Lossless formats. In the tweet, Elon Musk a répondu which will make a good deal with your audio-loading team.

Το Tesla is not traditionally driven by other solutions when it is possible to offer an alternative conceived internally: in this context, this response by Elon Musk is very inspiring. CarPlay Integration, the complete Apple experience that adapts the iOS interface to the car screen, is absolutely beyond the scope of the day.

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