Interview with Patrick Manil, lawyer in Charleville-Mézières

Matin or soir;

Matin. I love the silence of the mat and the lever of the sole. But he’s suis paradoxical, that is, I also like the couch of the sun…

Your coffee?

Υποχρεωτική thé au réveil, et ensuite, café à outrance.

Cinema or wire;

Second problem, they come hot. Television does not allow me to film, but the cinema is the only place where a film can be shot. I love all genres, they are very eclectic, they are like a journal of work, I prefer a comedy to make me happy.

Charleville or Mézières; (Rires)

Professionally, you are a Jessian, but you are in Charleville! There is a difference… I find that Mezieres has long been abandoned. La rue Monge, for example, pourrait être
the most beautiful of all the city.

Rock or rap?

Jazz. Gregory Porter, Selah Sue…

Beer or champagne?

It depends on the health! À 11 hours, a cup of champagne with charcuterie, c’est divin. A la fi n d’une après-midi chaude, une bière fraîche, c’estestiλάlatrevo.

Habight or new;

Six. It is reproducible, and it is also vacuum dissipating.

Ville ou forêt;

Forêt, c’est un plaisir. Approaching the points of view, the vision of the sole à along the shafts…

Golf or triathlon?

(Practices both) Chase! Ça fait 46 ans que je chasse. I’m enormously chased, then I’ve reached it all, and I’ve retrieved the passion in two seconds, with a magnifying glass.

Travel in France or abroad;

In Italy. About the major lake, à Stresa. I’m going to all the pendants plus some of them. On the other hand, there is a bar à vins on the place where it is most often, the patron salue me by my pen.

Robe d’avocat ou costume?

(Il hesit) Robe d’avocat. I think that in all your days, you are still an advocate. As avait dit un confrère, «on ne devient pas avocat, on naît avocat». Civil defense or party; Defense. It feels like it’s on the wrong side of the meter, when on a plaid plate.

A pound of Aussie:

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