Insurance, vie, real estate, right to bank account … What to change on June 1st

Arrival of more than a dozen newly arrived companies. Le Figaro find the point on the devices that come in handy.

Most brands also provide coupons for new devices that flow directly to you.

What will change on June 1st

  • More transparent transparencies for the Return Plan and assurance plan

Very popular after the French, Retroactive Plans (PER) and insurance contracts will provide an allusion to the transparency of their condition from the beginning of the month. As a result, distributors appear on their Internet site, assembling the relevant parts of these two separate products. A report by the Consulting Committee of the financial sector from July 2021 shows that «The information on these fractions can be accessed on a number of online accommodation sites, with the most up-to-date information». The objective is clearly visible to all fractions; Absolute elements necessary for the client to have the necessary information available for the comparison of offers.

These serpentine fragments are repertoire to one of the standard panels taking into account the different categories of entrances, annuities and points which are one against the other type. This recapitulative table of the different PER categories and assurance is the fruit of an accord as of February 2, 2022, among the different French manufacturers and distributors of this type of contract,.

  • An easy access to immobilizers for cancer malignancies

Do not take a fundamental step for people having cancer or hepatitis C. Cinq ans after cutting it, the malignant angles pouring out to obtain a real estate loan, the wonderful La Loi no. 2022-270 from 2822-270 2022 cherche ainsi à « to end unfair discrimination if the victims of the number of immobilizers are either mallared or stagnant », As the Senate’s predominantly chaotic advance. Ce droit ou l’oubli couvrait, jusqu’à present, a period of 10 years. This new disposition will be extended, up to 31 July, for new maladies, such as diabetes. In other words, for the assembly of inferior prints at € 200,000 and the reimbursement process intervenes before the 60th of the effective introduction of the cut, the questionnaire of the santi which is glued. In addition, no medical exams may be required on the part of the instrument.

However, when it comes to possibilities, from June 1st, reseller and changer à «at the moment of imputation assurance“, Etc.,”sans frais»For new arrivals, and from September 1st for course contracts at this date.

What to change in the course of the month

  • Simplification of procedures entourant le droit au compte bancaire

Individuals requesting a bank account and who have not received a reply in the following 15 hours, starting from 13 June, will travel directly to the Bank of France. A decree dating back to March 13, 2022 to facilitate special resources – depot deposit – directly above the main paying banking institution. The supply of the pre-printed starter has not been completed, from this date, the reversal attestation of the product produced by the bank concerned; document souven difficile, voire αδύνατο à obtenir.

With this new device, the Bank of France to choose the banking facility located next to the home of the claimant or the establishment of your choice. It is also designed, the bank bench, in all three days, to indicate to the claimants the assembly of the necessary documents which the ship must supply in order to receive a bill. In case of refusal, it is obligatory to inform the raisins above the Bank of France.

  • The debut of the d’admission principale sur Parcoursup phase

From 2 June, students receive on the Parcoursup portal the first access propositions. They must be compliant with each other in accordance with the instructions indicated on their dossier. For the elves not having to enter an entry proposal, such as pouring, from this date, requiring an individual or collective arrangement in their lychee. Iss l’issue de cette φάση «of main entrance“, La phase”additional entry»Ούβριρα, ελλε, λε 23 τζουν.

  • Fin from the extension of the ceiling of 38 € restaurant subtitles

If all of this has been extended in the last February, the payment ceiling of 38 euros for restaurant-titles (Εστιοριο εισιτηρίων, Check déjeuner, Pass restaurant …) before closing on June 30th. This measurement avait été is a reward for throwing a sector of the restoration lordement Impacted by the sanitary crisis. The ceiling will be stable at € 19.

  • Finish declaring your inputs online for Zone 3 departments

Residents of Zone 3 departments, located next to Meuse (55) in SaintPierre-et-Miquelon (975) on Wednesday 8 June to make their online declaration of power. Zone 2 departments [de la Corse à la Meurthe-et-Moselle] ont jusqu’au mardi 31 May.


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