INFO RTL – The PDG of an assembled security group for exploitation and violin mining

It has 75 years and a party of 500 plus large fortunes in France. This company chef in the domain domain is scheduled to arrive at samedi on May 21 with provisional notice, miss exam – other – for the treatment of minor human beings, viols on minesκαι Participation in an Association of Malpractors in order to organize an enslavement or sequestration.

After a minute that mobilized a good party of miners from the PJ Parisienne Brigade for the Protection of Mines (BPM), this is all a system that has been decoupled by police officers.

According to RTL news, a 22-year-old woman is present to the Parisian police in late March. It has been explained that after 5 years, he is a “prisoner” of a rich man, which the lodge in one of its apartments and the violet with several reprisals. Pire encore, all that resides its own, the devenite “trop ​​égée pour lui”, the young female aura has been forced to find
a “remlacer” to take your suite. This means that one of the 14-year-olds will be logged into this apartment.

The planing is partially filmed by PDG and the young daughter of 14 years set dans un lit. This video is configured for injectors.

The processes are also incised

L’histoire ne s’arrête pas là. As long as the PDG is in the current state of existence of this video, it will attempt to capture the planing. Justice at the end of the year flies more than a foot to catch a young woman, watch the video, and force it to France. For this, the Septuagint aurait solitaire woman, two employees of the company, a woman planning process, as well as a member of the GIGN, having the elite group of 20 years.

All of them were interrogated at the last semester, and in the same exam for “non-denunciation of sexual aggression on minors, and participation in an Association of perpetrators in order to have an organized or organized activity”. They will be placed, also in temporary detention, a confirmed Parquet de Paris auprès de RTL. Their respective roles and their respective objective remain the same at this stage.

A system that repeats from a number of annuities

According to our information, the injectors also retracted the passage of this name. Ils ont uncover the existence of at least 7 young women, minors or minor children, who are sucked into this apartment. Determining the permutation of quicksands of young girls with similar profiles: disassembled or fused, ruptured with their family or society.

Touching the very mechanism in place, one also attaches the vingtaine to the data, the PDG can disintegrate the others and their demands find a thread plus one to cut their place in the app.

RTL does not attempt to advocate for principal due to lack of replication at the moment.

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