Indian cuisine is inviting to France Bleu Alsace

With the epics, the exotic savers, the culinary specialties completely inconclusive.

Place on the kitchen of the world.

Ce mardi, c’est la cuisine indienne qui est à lonhoner avec Melissa Vithy du restaurant le maharadjah à Strasbourg dès 10h sur France Bleu Alsace.

Indian cuisine is based mainly on spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and is based on many vegetarian recipes. Road amateurs are also likely to play with their lot with many plates on the pole and on the hub.

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Strasfoodtour is the culinary tour of the association’s restaurant Strasfoodfamily, which for the purpose of making the participants travel through the different specialties of the world just by making the tour of Strasbourg. About the découvre ce concept with its organizer, Yap Maglo à 10:30

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