In the last day of their collective pleading, lawyers do not pay attention to the “oblique” of the process

The course of specially composed Paris,

The simple lecture of these figures provokes the tournaments. 131 morts, plus 450 blessed and 2,500 civil party parties constituted. Since its opening on the island of Cité’s most recently, the November 13 assassination process has been completed by all superlatives. Jamaica, it’s dead, a process of assisting the avant-garde to accommodate dispersed victims, either by entrapment or by receipt. Including semantics, centaurs of the inside being designed to face the masters of the course of special assemblies, also giving the actors of the process the feeling of involving a large part of the Horror of Horror.

A porter. It builds free water and releases this series of digits, resting on the certificate that this process does not record as part of their collective history. “What we are advising you to do, is not that the iceberg party has taken over,” raped Karine Shebabo, a civil party lawyer. Sign of this public singularity, a centaur of advocates for civil parties – even more than 300 – all in the common choice of plaid. During the last diary of this exercise άτυπη, several of them enter only to enter the vowel of these “obliques”, of these “absentees” or of “silences”. All those who do not have venus, by honte, by peur and who do not express, by culpability.

The “L’évitement” for “survival”

Face to face with almost one box – only two of the accused accused of being selective in assisting the audience – the counselors of the victims of the assassinations were only given corpses and these are anonymous that the viventatumsp «attack. Rests “in the eye”, their voices not resonating in the judiciary.

«What is not going on about the criminal proceedings when it is a civil party? », An interrogator With Alexandra Prasolov. Overcoming the physical and psychological barrier. Both of your clients are being screened but are finally refreshed at the last moment. “The emotion is very strong, but not more Jamaican income,” he explained. Offering the “decoration of justice”, “the waffle between their openings and the rational expression of which is not passed” or the idea of ​​sharing a common space with the accusations of perfume and volition of their helper in debates .

Others have the absolute choice of “education”. Κremeστό neuf mois, ils nont rien lu, rien entendu des debats qu sontos tenus in the auditorium. This is the case of a man of Israeli origin installed in France and a victim of the Bataclan assassination attempt. “You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. It tends to be at a distance and is only for survival. Comme lui, ils sont nombreux à ne pas pouvoir s’approcher de ce proces », μία συγγενής της Karine Shebabo. In quoting a fold both in their plaid, their attorneys are required to take the course “except for their absenteeism” at the moment of rendering their verdict at the end of the month.

“Illegal” and “guilty”

It is impossible to summarize in any words the “infinity” of these paths, to reconcile the lawyer Alexandra Prassoloff. Even the “legitimacy” and “culpability” sentiments are reversed in mardi plaid. This is the case of the “proxies of real victims in life” illustrated by Me Prassoloff: “Their existing being is also boulevarded by the events of this novel”. Pretending to be more than five, Carole was Sylvain’s attempted assassin, who is considered a victim of the attacks. «Elle l’a écouté μενταγιόν des heures. This is not what a psychiatrist consulted in 2020 », the lawyer advised. Mais Carole n’a rien dit à la cour de ces «cicatrices qui ne se voient pas».

That «σιωπή» which is not reproached to those accused by their interrogators is also retroactive from the corner of the civil party. «Parmi les raisons de ce silence, il y avait la peur de’tre noye dans la masse, de ne pas être entendu (…) la crainte que le deposition ne suscite pas de question, pas d’interest, ils ont voulu evit cet échec », the lawyer Cosima Ouhioun justified. Mutation is also self-censored for other purposes: “Some sorts of venous throbbing, itching, agonizing of the accused, even if they do not enter by resuscitation injecting”, aigisté p.

Intervening several times before his consorts, the advocate of several policies of the BAC75N of Paris, Me Hector Bernadini, to discuss the work of the journal Le Monde which will be published in September after this round has been opened by its customers. Intervening in Bataclan after the onset of the attack, their motives forming a “national dance”. Suggestions for all of these “heroes” are effective, advocating also:

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