In the kitchen, Cherbourg lyceum finds anti-gasp recipe

Jusqu’à 400 élèves peuvent déneuner chakur jour a lycee Sauxmarais. Since 2004, he has been chasing gas. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER / La Presse de la Manche)

Flap de Semaine and fin de serviceau scolaire restaurant you lycée Sauxmarais de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche). Comme fin la fin de chaque repasc’est l’heure de la pesée. 210 élèves ont déjeuné ce midi dance the establishment. Ils peuvent être jusqu’à 400. The weight reaches 8 kg at this end of the week.

Le mercredi precédent, c’était à peine 2 κιλά. It does not remain that portions deux of the porcelain envelope with pieces concreted by the kitchen team. Pushing the raisins and crushers into place then also sealing the sleeves. «Vendredi, c’est le jour où il faut vraiment calculer au plus just, car l’objectif, c’est zero reste. On tendon-flow work, reproducible to fur and measuring. »

This is a vertical circle: at least, plus budget and value, of most products.

Thierry Mariekitchen chef

For the chef, Thierry Marie, question horses γζάζιερ. With all the team, the tank after its arrival in 2004 in the lycée professionnel in the reduction of decets. et cela function très bien. «Lorsque j’ai commencé, I’m 20 andin theNational educationj’ai été saisi de efroi en voyant les poubelles of detritus. Je ne comprenais pas σχόλιο στο pouvait jeter author. »Start alor une infinite reflection et une reorganization you travail.

A maximum of masonry

At least once, the team realized economies. Press from 200,000 euros since method change. Establishing one to invest in annals per year nouveau materialpour confectionery maison a good card party.

«We do not prepare pre-cooked breads, we eat pizzas, we cook without pain, we cook sausages, we cook potatoes, we prepare pies, we also cook … They use their cakes. Parfois, στο peut gagner du temps sur surees e mestes: στο achète locally nos pommes de terre epluchees, par exemple. There are other things, trop techniques and even chronophages, which we do not realize more than once. »

At the moment of service, professionals are welcome. The portions serve sont ajustées aux appetites and the leaves are free books is reserved as necessary. If you were in a big party, the staff would be interested in finding what they were looking for. Returns are also noted, and rackets adjusted if necessary, as a function of he asks of élèves. «Quoi qu’il se passe, nous continuations de lero proposer several choices de menuin respect of chargers “, Thierry Marie assures.

Cut the best possible alimony

L’autre atout menus of lycées, figure in of origin of products. In a few seconds, Thierry Marie enumerated her furnace. «Λε lying down et la cream viennent de la farm of Vauvil’laitles legumes de la farm of the Vieille school one TollevastGrand »A large majority is installed in the Cotentin. Fragrances of one foot more, like the .ufsqui viennent des environs de Bayeux.

«Do not make any searches for volumes that you do not believe … or you will not have more than enough. With all suppliers, there is no discussion about the price: their skin is fine, all of which are corrected. »

The chef makes a regular arrangement room tourafin de connaître les next of youth. «J’exerce dans le Public ServiceI do not know Mission, to give the best possible to the elves. For young people, the passage to the canteen can be the only complete repository of the journal. Je me verrais mal dire aux parents : je fais à φάτνη, smoky bar. I want to give them best aliments. The kitchen is like what it is for with babies. »Suffix from the inside to describe the cuisine at the bottom temperature of the road, for what it’s” funds in the bouquet “, to match what it’s like upstairs, where it rehearses its kitchens à 6 hours of mating.

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The last layers on the components

Since, the lychee in franchise has an additional stage, en recycler ses decet organic. Trois composers it is installed in the end-of-life settlement area December. What to read next sound volume of poubelles, with impressive results. On average, between 20 and 25 g of fuel are jet. Of the most recent weights, this figure is reduced to 18 grams.

Sell ​​of recent dataΑντεμεgaspiling in collective school restoration representative, en Francein grams and by size: 120 g in elementary schools115 g in colleges and 100 g in lyceums. The hour of retreat approach to the engaging kitchen. But it is not pressed to quote itself oven. It encores à transmission. «J’aimerais travailler encore plus sur la question des vegetarian dishes. It stays at not even level, which is what bejucup. »

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