In May, car sales in a very good position, except for Tesla

In May, special car sales rates will increase by more than 10% from May 2021. Since January, the base has been around 17%. No screw builder at this time. Meme Tesla qui recule more than 90%.

Shoot at new car valves. Between the fuel pump, fuel gas supply, component fuel and interference caused by the conflict in Ukraine, special car valves are enclosed in one of the published public figures.

The base price is 10.09% between 2021 and 2022, with 126,813 new vehicles placed on it until last 140,040 in May 2021. On the first few premiums since January 2020, 60,00,00,00,00,00,00 , 00,00,00,00 €, 6,00,00,00,00,00,000,000,000 € neufs vendus en France.

In terms of sales, Stellantis with a recurrence rate of 9.82% with 40,034 cars sold against 44,393 in May 2021. Since January, the manufacturer’s sales have been reduced from 22.15 to -7 with a base of -7, 48% of sales in months (32,957 in May 2022 against 35,623 in May 2021). Of the 5 premiums in the line, the constructor is based on 15.45%.

Tesla at 92.80%

In the third place, the German Volkswagen is more affected by the crash. In May 2022, the price of 29.35% amounts to 15,956 sales sold at 22,585 euros. Between January and May 2022, it lost 22.12% (77,069 in May 2022 against 98,956 in May 2021).

More than 5 lanes more than 5 months ago for the American Tesla which sold 152 vehicles in May 2022 versus 2111 in May 2021, at a rate of 92.8%. By contrast, Elon Musk’s society did not plutinate since January 2022 with a 7.64% increase over 5 months (152 to 2022 versus 2111 to 2021). This performance has a viable effect due to an effective measurement process.

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