“In a period of full-time work, the new year revises the rules”, only Patrick Mignola (MoDem)

Chômage: “In a period of full employment, the new fault revises the rules”, P. Mignola

As far as the reform of the chemical assurance portrayed by Elisabeth Borne is concerned, the Minister of Travail, who has been in great debate, Patrick Mignola, is concerned that the unsatisfactory macroeconomic situation is appealing. »The president of the MoDem group nation’s National Assembly is here’s’lisabeth Borne, since becoming Prime Minister,« a rampage of temporisers to discuss a peu. And it’s going to take a break from Savoy to become a “discotheque”, which is the new rules for denaturing chemists, in the measurement or the French economy. indemnification must take place in retaliation, when there is an economy that goes beyond that, because it is more than just a matter of heat assurance. »

«Most highly qualified persons, or perfumers believed to be more than 18 months old»

Στο συμβαλλόμενο μέρος, ο Patrick Mignola n’hésite pas à revenir au fameux «en même temps» macroniste, proposing indemniser plus ανθεκκτική «des personên trolès oligoéné l émplo» »: , perfumes believed to be more than 18 months, part of which requires more than one organization for which one has 2ème or 3ème opportunity in life. In retaliation, if you wait for it to start, you will not have to wait 2 or 3 months after drying. There are no caricatures and no demagoguery, if you can stay up to 4 months at the checkout, you will not have a reason to stay up to 4 months. »

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