Immediate comparisons of the Bobigny tribunal, “the Stade de France affair is a credible pickpocket story”

And there is no more than six. On the center of the interpellations announced after the chaos around the Stade de France, samedi 28 mai, the 48 fences with denominated lundi matin, the “Hordes of adventurous cities” Pointed at Resting these six homesteads from 21 to 39 years old, which paralyzed 31 May in immediate comparison before the Bobigny correctional tribunal, for telephone flights, mounting or unlocking the Stade de France. «All other gardens to be leveled»expensive parquet.

Oussama K. is the first condom to last after this mid-year overcharged audience. Masked under the menthol, the bouqueted cheeks, the so-called racquet during which he tries to enter the stadium, without a ticket, to assist in the final of the Champions League. One more, two more, three more. Unsuccesful. And in the aftermath of the match, on which the 13-meter line bonds, the flywheel with the main in the pocket of an English supporter. The intercom intercepted several seconds later, then avoided being left alone on the English telephone.

Oussama K. is 24 years old and has a tent under one seat and a low-speed chamber for other times, while UberEats deliveries allow you to change several times a day. It is without paper, but can work, it can still count on a plate for 100 euros per month. « The advantages of the exceptions of the newly formed country “, glisse son avocat, Loïc Le Quellec. The client, who does not have free or written money, scouting his scooter for a bicycle and some tickets. However, it sends a cent of euros to its mother and its four brothers and sisters, resting in Algeria.

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More than one year ago, Oussama K. arrived in France by boat, part of which he intended to visit Paris, which he imagines would work and that his family would not be able to travel to Algeria. The translator translates into Arabic: «Donnez-moi n’importe quelle peine, mais pas la φυλακή. » The promet of «From France», qu’on ne le reprendra pas à faire ça. Your casket is already running. «In any case, you must sort out France as part of which you owe it»to the president of the tribunal, pronouncing four letters additionally adjunct to the prefecture: “OQTF”, for the obligation to quote the French territory.

Une affaire à “international dimension”

The procedure is performed to evoke a «Problem of the public order that cuts the frame of the audience»λε “Particularly contextual” et la “International dimension” of the fair. It requires more than one ward with a warrant. The back room is souffle. Doing more farming with immediate departure in prison for a phone call by a primer, the defense advocate is stupid. Mais puisqu’il faut parler du “frame”Μμι Le Quellec ne se fait pas prier: “What can be done, in this case, in the context of the declarations of the Minister of the Interior: how long does it take for the English to support the defenders and take the case for granted?” Can the story be a more nuanced piece? »

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