“How do you change whether your phone is in or out of airplane mode?”

L’affaire Jubillar, avec can be a new indicator. According to the journal Le Parisien, το Telefon του Cédric Jubillar était bien éteint le soir de la disparition de Delphine τον Δεκέμβριο του 2020 à Cagnac-les-Mines, καιatti avion comion il le jurait. What aurait permis tracer the displacements. “I have no information”, réagit ce lundi matin, sur France Bleu Occitanie, Me Alexandre Martin, advocat de Cédric Jubillar.

The mobile phone portable from the customer ita has been aware of the dispersion of the woman who avit dit avoir mis in airplane mode. Do I have to stay?

Scoutez, this is a “non information” encore. Ο Cédric Jubillar a pu dire qu’il l’avait mis en airplane, et après “je ne m’en souviens pas”. It is interrogated at this point six months after the lendemain. And then, what is this change?

The difference between your company or your phone is not anodized;

When did you find out what you got on your phone? J’en sais rien. Deux explanations. Premièrement ça change quoi; Which one is it or which one is in airplane mode, which one is the reverse phone which one chose, which one is the default phone? Non. Deuxième element, you with an expertise in the dossier that disassembles that the battery of this phone does not work: it can go out, it discharges all as it branches. These are the gendarmes who are on the offense. All are in aircraft mode departing from the suite, on one side. Ça ne change absolument rien. If the phone starts to speak, if the phone does not move to the new one, in a single entry, it is compressed.

“If the phone starts to ring, if the phone does not move in the night, in a single entry, it is compressed.”

As long as the phone is not geococalizable …

Mais ça change quoi; In peut tout illustrator. This is when you call your phone. This is when it comes down to it, with my phone in airplane mode.

Out of nowhere, all new trouble in this affair;

Pour moi, ça ne sème absolument rien. It is clear that this phone does not work and that it is the Dolphins that need to reveal all of them as well as the habitual charge. Ça n’ajoute rien, ça n’enlève rien. This phone, which one says is that it was at 22h58 and usually at 3h53 when it was on. If it is in airplane mode or if it is being used, it will not return any information in the file.

Your client is loaded pre-pressed six times to Seysses, in isolation. The clame touches its innocence. The psychiatric and psychological expertises in the debut. Are you presenting beaucoup or not?

J’en participates in the big chose part because psychiatric and psychological expertise is not revealed at the level of capability. If it is not true that this man is normal, that this man is not perverted, that this man is not calculated. In this sense, most people are not interested in what they can do, not in ignorance; or can it be ignored because the portrait that the portrait is made of is entirely of reality.

“On verra that this man is normal, that this man is not perverted, that this man is not accountable.”

But your personality is etonant. On jamais vu un mari éplore. They discussed broken concrete with some journalist in Cagnac-les-Mines. The day œ sa sœur avoir commis le crime parfait. This is all provocation;

Je ne sais pas dans quoi ça s’inscrit. It can be said that the experts did not respond to the request. In a man who is isolated, who is a nurse in Seysses. You can smell perfume there. Can be perforated to get the declarations that come as a surprise. But what you are aujourd’hui, is that you do not have a body of corps, that you do not have a crime scene and you have no absolute reason. All this is a popular contest to talk about Monsieur Cedric Jubillar is sympathetic, not sympathetic, whether it has adequate reflections or not, as it can be swallowed in infinity. However at the level of the draft, at the level of the capacity of this person, this dossier remains all around.

Is it that you present a return of telephone clips that Delphine Jubillar aurait and with the woman of her love? Est-ce que ça, ça va être important;

On the other hand, the defense, the exposure, the incarnations in the use of the telephone between Delphine and the woman of her love. The research j’imagine sont en cours. I hope that the part that the big problem of this case is that the injectors and the south do not have their work done on the capacity of the mayor Cedric Jubillar in exclusion.

What is new is that the dossier is discarded. One instruction takes at least two months. If you do not have any new apparatus in the dossier;

If you do not have a new appliance, do not hesitate to send it to someone else. Also, at the end of the instruction, the apparatus for deciding magistrates to do so must not or will not have a course of assistance. At one time or another, the presuppositions of ignorance must be conserved and, as in other similar cases, the persons being accused of being found to be resuscitated, as in other similar cases. ont été jugées devant unequiassisrées, άκουσε την αυθαιρεσία.

On or by passing processes without bodies, without weapons, without weapons, without crime scene. Is that what you would imagine for Jubillar’s work?

Alors sans corps, sans armes, oui ça on en a vu. Most dossiers without a crime scene are one that gets complicated. Part of the principle that Delphine is decoded. Ne voyez aucune provokation dans mon propos. On hand. On ne sait toujours pas ce qu’il s’est passé. Part of this case is singular by the absenteeism of the evidence body, and is followed by the absenteeism of the crime scene. Synopsis that crooks-vous who take their hands, with great ease of media exposure, the accusation we do not find on a track of song ‘in a car, on the cover body. This is what makes it look like an element.

Is it that you arrive to find that your free client compares its process?

In all cases it is expected. J’arrive à croire et I am sure that this man is innocent. I hope this man will be comparing free, he will not be comparing a day. And then there is the fact that this man is definitely an innocent day.

You will deposit multiple requests for free release which are all networked. You are all encore in depot beaucoup;

All of which, as soon as they have been answered, will present an interrogator, a counter-argument, an expertise. Là on us confrontation par. On va presentre ces acts. And whenever it is necessary for us to do so, we demand a free delivery.

Confrontation avec qui? Avec sa maman peut-être?

Je ne sais pas. Peut-être sa maman, peut-être le codétenu, je n’en sais rien. In all cases, the encorement of acts which must be done. And in the act of these acts, we deposit evidence of a new demand for free release (the quintessence).

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