Hopium Machine: the French Tesla hydrogen-powered project

Venturable air flow, the car with battery with flammable heat sink. The two models are presented in the French car, the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are located on the compact side, having the infrastructure arm to make the most of an elevated price, from the order of 80.00 €. Olivier Lombard, automotive pilot and founder of Hopium, will be able to invest in the well, including the Berlin Machine, whose launch is expected for 2025. “Electric car is a transit solution”, in Lombardure Oliv. “With a fuel cell, the range is 1,000 km and the mileage takes only 5 minutes. Return the freedom to move from point A to point B with a low-throughput mode without routine routing use. “

2020 is the obvious and the first images of Hopium Māchina. This Berlin profile in race, of a size equivalent to that of an Audi A7, has a high-range range, with an announced rate of € 120,000, only by means of absorbing the battery level of the battery. To justify this addition, the accents are given to the hater. Ainsi, Hopium also announces a power of 500 ch and a “verifiable emotional experience at the wheel”: Olivier Lombard counts on gaining his pilot experience to ensure a spot at the point of ownership, over two tones.

500 ch for the Hopium Machine, better than the Toyota Mirai

The announced power goes down to the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo. “Not only does it offer offline performance with no out-of-range positioning, without the need for all-in-one pressure, as well as electrical models that pass 800 ch.” The fuel cell does not increase the total power output only, Olivier Lombard announces rationally “a power of more than 150 kW”, up to 204 head. current technology and cell Hopium to be stored internally in its cells: a part of which the supply chain does not provide with its own sense of solution adapted to its parts and other part, part of which the brand is present it does not have to be a key in the conception of its models.

To provide a total of 500 ch of all accelerations, you need to feed the motors by another bias. This requires a buffer battery to supply power points. Cell-applied to a cellularly encapsulated technology, to guarantee performance that minimizes environmental impact. Despite a significant difference in power between the fuel cell and the electric motor, Olivier Lombard guarantees a good endurance of performance, even in rapid conduction. “The 150 kW of the fuel-efficient battery will increase the maximum speed of 230 km / h”, διαβεβαιώνουν οι the pilot and founder of the brand. These are all very sporty conduction stages (circuit, coil mounted) that the power points for shutting down feel.

A French constructor in full length

Developing the characteristics of a car is a choice, but the project has a different meaning. According to this plan, Hopium poursuit has development, and counts up to 120 people. The last left of funds as of date, end 2021, is the injection of 5.5 million euros in the cash flow, whose actions are detached à 48.96% by Olivier Lombard. Hopium announces the presentation for the month of June of a car show, real scale model that fidelity to the model of the series and perimeter of a realistic approach to the habitat. Celui-sera exactly wants one or more of all the first prototypes, which serve to validate the main principles of architectural techniques. More than one series of prototypes plus series of sequences, which serve as the base for point-to-point communication, follow. “Each series of prototypes corresponds to a series of jalons. For instant, we have the details that are fixed to us.”

The production is quantified internally by Hopium, in a way whose destination is to be defined: the implantation is encapsulated in the course of a study. All, the manufacture of cases in blank and the outlet are configured in a sub-processor. “These operations advertise an enormous investment in terms of tools, and others do not constitute Hopium savoir-faire.” A strategy different from that of Tesla (the American brand at the height of all its in-house production), which is based on the Hopium model. “Like Tesla, we have access to high-end technology through the application of more aboriginal models,” says Olivier Lombard. “And at the same time as the Model S, we think that the Machine has a verifiable technological breakdown”. On ne peut que souhaiter le même succès à l’entreprise French. The whole greenhouse is developed by the development of a hydrogen distribution network, as well as the possibility of competition from some of the largest constructors.

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