Haute-Garonne. The fire is in the kitchen of the apartment, a very clean household

The fire broke out in an apartment in the commune of Saint-Gaudens (Haute-Garonne) on 31 June 2022 in Syria (© Illustration / GL / Actu Toulouse)

You can wait for the 20h20 coups, Mardi 31 May 2022, by yourselfan apartment situated on a two-storey property, on the Republic Street, commune of Saint-Gaudens (Haute-Garonne).

The fire is declared in the kitchen

According to Haute-Garonne SDIS, India is part of it hotte aspirante, in the kitchen. When the pumping station of Saint-Gaudens’s safe center is reached, the residents of the furniture will be sorted.

Une femme légérement brûlée

À l ‘arrivée, the branches are limited, et le sinistre n’a pas fait de blessé τάφος. Some passengers in the toutefois inhalé des fumées, et la mother of family of built-in housing, bégèrement brûlée voluntarily leaving India, then being transported to Saint-Gaudens Hospital by pumps.

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