Guide to Strasbourg

To respond to quality travelers in Strasbourg, my place of interest has more than 80 years. voluntary policy in the matter of double and double mobility. Aujourd’hui, also enters a new stage in which to volunteer to innovate mobility: doter the city and the 33 Commune of the Eurometropolis in Bornes for charging public electric vehicles.

Object: deploying 90 bones of voiries, up to 180 additional charge points, on horizon 2022.

With the installation of a centrifuge of new electric charging terminals in the 33 municipalities, the Strasbourg Eurometropolis favors innovative and multi-layered mobility solutions and has plenty of space in its place. Fauna àmissions Zone (ZFE). », Pia Imbs, President of the European Metropolis of Strasbourg

Desbores raised by a private operator, Freshmile

The Private Initiative (API) Appeal initiated by the Strasbourg Europol Metropolis has been transferred by enterprise Freshmile, French carrier for electric vehiclestart’up whose social network is installed in Entzheim a few kilometers south of Strasbourg.

The Strasbourg people want to make a profit Power supply bores (from 22 à 150 kW) for a fast charge with proximity to their home, their working place or activities. Engie Solutions is committed to completing electricity for land users.

Déjà 70 births existing in Ville

These newborns come to life again completing the existence of the soil and the composition of 70 points charging electricity parking facilities with a wide variety, en voirie et sur des parcelles privées grâce aux initiatives of the communities, car concessionaires, large commercial areas…

Loading: a simplified operation by a pass and an application

The Freshmile pass and application are provided to the conductors of electric vehicles easily locate all the storage terminalsconsultant available and vehicle recharger.

Tariffs applied to the amount of energy consumed and to the branching rate of the vehicle. United Nations invoice NUIT very attractive is for others available for 22 kW and pays uniquely the energy consumed and has the stationary time which is from 8h to 20h. Tariffs are indicated directly on the Freshmile application or on the card available on the website.

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