Google’s view shows a journal of autonomy

The Google Pixel watch is not automatically sorted as the specifications start to get faster. According to a new source, when connected to Google you see a journal of autonomy, but no more.

Google has labeled Pixel Watch the latest in the Google I / O 2022 conference call. Montre Connectée is present for the car with Pixel 7 and 7 Pro coats. Google does not officially disassemble the Technical Features of its premiere, but on the one hand it adds one more plus to the technical plugin and its different sensors. A new source has been given more information on battery life and autonomy.

La Pixel Watch – Credit: Google

La Pixel Watch aurait environment a journal of autonomy. It is equipped with a 300 mAh battery. Εκτημα This provides the current state of the Pixel Watch and Development. Il est donc tout à fait possible que Google decides to modify the battery of montre travel house.

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The Pixel Watch takes the journal and prepares it for up to 110 minutes to recharge

The source that will confirm the autonomy of the Pixel Watch à 9to5Google n’a pas donné plus de precision sur the test conditions. Is the Always On Display function activated? Permanently monitored heart rate; Have on-sports exercises been performed with the mount on the pole? Modification of information for the Pixel autonomy clock.

Nearly, the length of time supplied by the Google Pixel Watch corresponds to en the means of mounting connected to Wear OS. For example, the Fossil Gen 6 comes with a 24-hour battery life with a 300 mAh battery. The Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung announces 40 hours of autonomy with 40 mm with 247 mAh battery. Similarly, only 9to5Google, the autonomous autonomy of the Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm set completely across a journal.

In addition, the Pixel watch does not recommend the application fast charge with its USB Type-C magnetic cable. The Google-connected device predicts a higher rate of charge than the Galaxy Watch 4. It takes about 110 minutes. By comparison, the l’Apple Watch Series 7 with 0 to 80% charger in 45 minutes.

However, this information on the autonomy and battery life of the Pixel Watch is based on current model estimates at declination rates. Google can not encore improve the autonomy of the Pixel Watch before launching at home.

Source: 9to5Google

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