Google’s Russian affiliate and deposit balances

The Google Russia Bank account has been accessed by the Authorities. The group assures that its services continue to operate in the payroll.

The Russian branch of the American giant Google, whose bank account is owned by the Russian authorities, announced its intention to deposit the balance but continues to provide free services in the country.

«Google Russia is a post about deposit intent», A confirmation of the transfer of the message to AFP jeudi. «Access by Russian authorities to the Google Russia Bank account prevents any Russian bureaucrats from operating, operating and paying on-site, paying suppliers and vendors, and paying other financiers», At-il expliqué.

«Russian women are available on our services to avoid access to quality and continuous information to access free services such as Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android and Play», At-il precise.

Google under pressure

The American giant is under pressure from the Russian offensive in Ukraine. On April 21, a Russian tribunal joined the group with an amendment of 11 million rubles (plus 126,000 euros or the tax rate) to avoid suppressing the contents «interdits»On the offensive.

La Russie is a promising debut avril des représailles après fermeture du compte YouTube de la chambre base du Parlement russe. A number of pro-Kremlin media outlets and Russian officials have been blocked.

The gendarmerie russe des télécoms, Roskomnadzor, a tax on Google and YouTube d’activités «terrorists», A preview of a possible blockade in Russia of the website com été été Twitter, Instagram and nombreux médias indépendants depuis l’offensive en Ukraine.

The Russian authorities have been forcing the legal arsenal to control the communication on the conflict, having up to 15 years in prison which diffuse from «fausses information»Sur l’armée russe.


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