Google’s Local Croissance, 2 Million Dollars Food Table Tour And More Chicago Technology Updates

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Chicago’s technology scene is still hot this week. The tech giants Google and Salesforce have announced their big wins in the business world, and two startups have taken on their first venture capital finance tour. Follow the latest Chicago tech with the Built In Chicago Weekly Refresh.

CASHDROP on the honoreur in the series Built In’s Future 5. Founded by Latino tech entrepreneur Ruben Flores-Martinez, CASHDROP assisted in creating websites and treating online sales without fragmentation or content. Flores-Martinez created the platform after avoiding light-coding. For startups with $ 2.7 million in funding. [Built In Chicago]

Sales force for the “coronation” of the Chicago tour. Salesforce is expected to open a tour of Chicago in 2023 and include more than 1,000 newly hired new recruits. Announced for its first premiere in 2018, the 57-storey greenhouse is fed with plenty of electricity such as water flammable solids. Outside its offices, the office also offers free space for organizations à but non-profit local positions to organize events during the night and the weekend. [Built In Chicago]


“The conservative is irresistible for the various agencies and product dealerships in Chicago. You are like an excellent echelon of what we do not know about Google. »- Britton Picciolini, Google Regional Director pour l’éducation

Google has sent out 500 Chicagoans lately. A recent Google blog post about the discovery of the 500-employee Chicago office staff, nearly 1,800 Google employees. The new talent working on many projects, do not develop the Google Pixel phone. Malgré la puscé’e’supphe de l’neinée dernière, the Chicago-based job site of the company counting the inches of open post for 2022. [Built In Chicago]

Hyfé Foods costs $ 2 million. Hyfé Foods reused the l’eau sucrée issue of the production boissons for culturing mycelium, which transforms into foreign food and nutrients. This process eliminates food gasification and enterprise-specific air-to-product cultivation in areas where the agricultural climate is poor. With this new finance, start-up funded by women to increase the production of its seed and to store a scientific fermentation and a process engineer. [Built In Chicago]

Mark Cuban is an investor in starting the Champaign battery. Founded at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Natrion produces battery components for electric vehicles. According to society, technology permeates rapid load rates and long autonomies. Thanks to this new finance, Natrion works to develop a cell pocket to store the components of the battery. [Built In Chicago]

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