Google Workspace introduces new features for Android devices with large screens

PARIS, July 26. (Bénin Actu/EP) –

Google a dévoilé a certain name features qu’elle introduced dans surees de ses applications and qui visent à improver l’expérience lors de l’utilisation de grands écranes sur les appareils Android.

These last months, the company has shown a particular interest in the aspect and conviviality of its services on tablets and, in fact, has developed an Android version for this type of device, Android 12L.

Il s’agit d’un mise à jour » software » optimisée pour les écrans plus grands qu’elle a créés dans le aim de fournir plus d’informations et de facilitaire le multitâche avec un mode écran partagé.

De même, dans le Conference of developers Google I/O, qui a eu lieu en mai dernier, la société indiquée quelle prévoyait de mettre à jour plus 20 Google applications afin de profite pleinne de l’espace supplémentaire sur ces écranes.

Google has announced that it has improved the Google Workspace applications for large Android devices and that it has rolled out a series of updates for the following devices Google Drive, Docs, Presentations, Feuilles de calcul et Keep (notes).

First of all, he pointed out that, to take advantage of the multitasking versatility, it is now possible to drag text or images from applications such as Chrome or Sheets and drop these contents into a document and a cell d’une feuille de calcul.

In addition, it is now possible to add links to Drive files and slide them into an currently open application, such as Keep.

Elle confirm a single feature announced by 9to5Google il ya quelques jours, qui permet de glisser, deposer y insérer des images registered dans cet outil dans d’autres applications compatibles de son ecosystem.

Ence qui concerne Drive, Google has indicated that users can now take advantage of their large screens to open two windows of the application and learn about the content of their files and files.

On the other hand, she also recalled that the persons concerned can also use the keyboards attached to their tablets and computers respectively. set commands to execute different actions.

Among them, select, cut, copy, paste, cancel or redo, to navigate quickly in the reader, documents and presentations at great speed.

Finally, the company indicated that these updates will be deployed on large Android screens with Google Workspace and Google Personal Accounts in the coming weeks.

She also announced that she would continue to introduce new features for these devices with panels larger than smartphones.

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