Google teste des lunettes de réality augmented pour la traduction et la navigation

Après l’avoir startement taquiné lors de l’événement I/O 2022 in May, Google announced that it would begin testing its prototypes of AR glasses next month. The company plans to make the pair of lunettes known to the public by selecting some outside testers in addition to its employees.

According to the company, the prototypes include base sensors, notably microphones and cameras, as well as an integrated lens screen. The image and video recording function is disabled, but not the cameras themselves. The recorded image data will always be used during translation, transcription and direct navigation.

Tests are starting on the tiny side and the prototypes’ capabilities are at “limitations,” Google assures. Il sera notably impossible de filmer et de photographer les scènes. Google’s work is not isolated. On assiste à une démocratisation desériences immersive en réalité augmentée à l’heure du metaverse.Apple, Meta avec Ray-Ban ou encore snap, la maison mère de Snapchat, s’y metten se fairegaunementur place.


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