Google Play – You can not buy more Kindle and Audible books in the app

If you want to get the speed of your digital books in the Kindle app or your audio books.

Amazon is an add-on that includes audio apps and the Kindle app with the apps available on Google Play.

Why not click more on the Kindle or Audible app for Android;

Google has met at the site a policy based on which all transactions are integrated into an app (in-app) must be done through its invoicing system.

Unsurprisingly, the companies have their own separate billing systems. With this new system, Google preleve 30% of the passage on each transaction. Bien entendu Amazon n’est pas d’acord. Inefficient users of your mobile apps, you can continue to be free on your Android apps.

Comment on the continued use of the Kindle ou Audible sur Audible application?

If you want to access Kindle books or Audible titles on Android, there is a way to use a smartphone, tablet, lyceum or computer.

You can continue to release books and extracts in your library and navigate the application as before.
To access or subscribe to the Kindle Subscription, you must return to Amazon ici. Process your bookshelf, then synchronize the application.
This solution, participated in the Kindle Android or Audible app, you will listen to e-books or audiobooks and your favorite list. Return your vote list d’envies on Amazon and process on payment.

Note of the reduction. This info is decorated with our previous article concretizing the model angles of high school students Kindle lire ici

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