Google Pixel Tablet: is compatible and accurate

Google’s Pixel Tablet can be paused, but one of its hallmarks is more precise: compatibility with an active stylus.

Google has been shutting down since its last I / O conference call was launched in May 2022. In keeping with its logical announcements, Mountain View’s company has presented the material of the route for the network, Pixels, which can be mounted without any details. Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet.

The tablet encloses the chimney to scroll before entering the retailer’s rays, Puisque Google does not need to trade Qu’à horizon 2023. on the point.

From the other side of the Atlantic, the site NuGiz also referenced in the lists of the Universal Stylus Initiative (συμμαχία κατασκευαστών visant notably promoting interoperable styluses for tablets) by the product as Google and replying to the Tangor code name. Celui even with an active stylus that does not symbolically fit into the catalog of America from a touchscreen tablet, the classifier a minimum parmi the mid-range tablets. Rappelons that have the most unobtrusive functions without styling, the most perfect models – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, some Lenovo tablets or the Xiaomi Pad 5, without touching the iPad – tending to use this type of use of accessories.

Available without the latest version 2.0, USI Certification provides an idea of ​​Google’s style. The object must be multi-criteria, not to mention the possibility of appealing to a charge-free charge based on NFC, with a power of less than 1 W. To authorize the storage of a stylus from all d devices (such as smartphones) compatible with the NFC standard, which is always up to date.

For the rest, the Pixel Tablet preserves its secrets. Its design, rapeseed all the screens connected Nest Hub, has been expanded, indicating the passage that the tablet is made for a single photo backbone module, as well as the piece that counts. The light of the Tensor flows through the shell in the Pixel 6.

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