Google offers the elevation of the Android Auto interface

The annual Google conference, which debuted on May 11, was specifically announced annually. Take a look at Google I / O, Mountain View’s firmware, even an easy-to-use one on your new one, which is about Android Auto. The firm, which is profitable for rapprochement that its embargoed operating system is integrated into as many as 150 million οχήματα of all brands, has found the course of the annuities which the principal elements access to or the multimedia content.

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Une responsive interface

Participating in the stable, Google a plan on a new Android Auto interface dont the debut device this time. With this new design, the Californian company can also help you find your way more quickly, control your music reading more easily, and conserve functions that are of most interest to you. Android Auto interface and adapter adapter for different tailles d’écran des vecules grace in a “Split Screen” mode. The green screen is also divided into several zones which are organized differently in function of the tail and the format of the embarrassed screen. You can also save on the screen the functions that you use the most.

Google Assistant for petite soins

To accomplish this lifting, Google also plans on its voice assistant. It also gains autonomy by proposing contextualized new suggestions, for allowing you to take more than a few steps along the way. It is also capable of suggesting responses to reciprocal messages, proposing your own ETA (estimated tempo-time) estimates along with your own processes and suggesting specific lists of readable music readings and readable music readings.

Google also has a good idea of ​​integrating fast access to the main screen to display or send a message to your favorite contacts, but also to select a suggested response to the messages you receive. You can also delegate more items.

Like all others, Google I / O has the urge to Google its newly created number to come. The Mountain View company, for example, presents the new functions of ‘Android 13your new look immersive ultra realist in Google Maps, but also advanced in a matter of artificial intelligence, notably through the visual search of the lens. But this conference is intended for developers who also want to give a first look at their future Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, for Pixel Watch and for future Pixel Tablet.

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