Google Maps adds magnificent aerial views

Google vient d’announcer le launch d’une nouvelle fonction de vues aériennes photoréalistes. Survolez d’ores and déjà près d’une centaine de monuments and de sites touristic and 3D dans des villes comme Barcelone, Londres, New York, San Francisco ou encore Tokyo.

The firm used theArtificial Intelligence pour combiner des milliards de satellite photos, aériennes et de Street View and ainsi generate une 3D photoréaliste representation. Il suffit de chercher un site comme Big Ben ou l’Empire State Building dance Google Maps puis d’acceder à la rubric Photos.

This is the first stage of launching the function Immersive view announced at the Google I/O 2022 in May, which will soon allow visiting entire neighborhoods in 3D. Google will offer the possibility of changing the time to see traffic at different times of the day, or even to see a street with different weather conditions. Il sera même improbable d’entrer dans certain buildings, comme les restaurants.

Des vues aériennes photorealistes and Google Maps. © Google

Information and details for cyclists

Google a également annoucement the launch in the next weeks of two other mises a jour pour Maps. The premiere will offer more detailed information for cyclists. Entrez un itinéraire à vélo dans Google Maps et celui ci will display, when the data are available, information such as the presence of steep slopes, stairs or even dense automobile circulation, as well as the type of route.

Finally, it will now be possible to put notifications in place when a person shares a location, so that they can know when this cell arrives or is part of a location. This allows for example aux groups to know when everyone has arrived at an event to better coordinate, or even de pouvoir to ensure that everyone has returned home afterwards.

The deployment of aerial views Google Maps est en cours et…

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