Google Docs and Sheets: 5 accessories to improve productivity

There are steps to improve the use of Google’s office suite. Des raccourcis sur Docs. Automatic instructions on Sheets. And also a suite. In short, one-of-a-kind cones.

Google, YouTube, Maps, Chrome are all about you in the Google ecosystem, it can be very easy to find the right secrets and cache options to get the most out of these services. C’est la même chose with Google Documents. One of the steps which can be used to be a more efficient one, which is on sheets or other.

Create a great new file with a simple URL

There are shortcuts for creating new documents by typing an address of any character. Do you want to open a new text file? Tapez «». You want to calculate a fee; “”. On a site; From a form; The presentation; It also boils. Il ne reste plus qu’à editer, en somme.

Single URL in Google Docs. Pratique.

Translate words with Google Sheets

Google proposes in Sheets an automatic translation functionality, which allows you to pass a list of words or phrases from one language to another.

Write the suffix l’instruction = GOOGLETRANSLATE (xx; langue1; langue2), with “xx” denoting the cell code (example C2) and langue1 and langue2 the langues de depart et d’arriv.

Google Docs Traduction
If you have long lists of terms, this tool is preferred.

Use Voice Command and Google Docs

It is possible to suggest Google Docs, which is thinner. The online service integrates a vocal set that allows you to adjust your mind as if you were addressing an audience. Prerequisite: you can use Google Chrome. The functionality is not offered on a browser like Firefox.

Cela marche plutôt bien.

Laisser Google Sheets completes the formula

This is a functionality announced for the year 2021. Google has been using tool development in Sheets to accomplish the effectiveness of interns: it does not offer the service of phonetic functions hidden in the cells. All you have to do is tap on your mother and take a shower at the same time.

Google Sheet AutoFill Formula

Jouer à Wordle and Google Sheets

Part of which does not have the slightest degree of productivity due to the degree of productivity, volatile to enclose one of the parts to be diverted: it is possible to make a small “Motus” party and Google Sheets. How to pass the time between two pieces that you will be able to use today. At vous souhaite a bonne party!

An instructive essay. // Source: Sheetle

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