Google Docs and Meet would like to facilitate your professional career

Google advertised some of the following for Google Docs and other Workspace Products in the wake of Google I / O 2022, given conference calls for developers. New document biographies for document nutrition to automatically ensure Google Docs learning, as well as for effectiveness. An analog transcription function also prevalent for Google Meet, resumes for Google Chat, as well as new visual and audio enhancements for Google Meet.

According to Google, this new functionality for Docs to add that can be considered as an abstract. The document analyzer automatically and extracts the main parts. It has the advantage of being completely automatic for automatic access and natural longitudinal processing, according to the enterprise. This functionality requires a lack of compression of long passages, compression of information and generation of current, which, in the future, rests on the capacities of the capacities or the information of the modes.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya provide a useful resume of conversations and facilitate the discussion of group discussions. Google travaille même à Introduction to native transcription and Google Meetafin que vous puissiez rattraper the important moments of the réunions que vous auriez pu manquer.

Nevertheless, Google is an également detailé les Mises à jour video and audio of Google Meet. À l’avenir, Γνωρίστε το fera apparatus and add intelligent manner of lighting, you will be in a state of proper lighting or you will be using a webcam. This functionality is known under the name “portrait restoration”.

Each test has a new “portrait light” function that allows you to select a specific point of view of the frame and improve lighting response. In this Google, the completion of the application for studio quality. It works on all types of devices, such as those that are more than your shape, or that are soy.

Συνεισφέρων à guarantee security

De-reverberation is the audio function at development rates. It is necessary to filter the echoes in the spaces on the surfaces, as if you were impressing them into a conference room equipped with a micro.

La protect against contamination and malicious logics Documents, Sheets and Slides complete the list of Announced Fonts and Workspace products. All these products being powered by artificial intelligence, Google confirms that these new functionalities renting their products more useful and more accessible.

The last misses below Workspace can be relatively insignificantly isolated, but most of which are evaluated in a larger context, while Google affirms its deliberate logical suite of maximal success.

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