Google deploys beta 4.1 to correct the last bugs before the final version

Google is about to deploy a new beta version of its Android 13 operating system on its Pixel smartphones. The beta version 4.1 brings several fixes, but no new functionality.

About two weeks after launching the last beta 4, Google is finally coming to launch a new version 4.1 interédiaire qui aura pour objective to correct some bugs on smartphones pixels. Aucune nouvelle funcción n’est au programpuisque the software has reached the stability of the platform with the deployment of the third beta in June, which means that Google is currently only focusing on the resolution of bugs.

Pour rappel, les utilisers de smartphones Pixel ont pu Android 13 tester depuis la sortie de la première bêta publique en avril dernier. After several months of successive updates, the new version of the Google exploitation system should finally be available for all in a stable version in a few weeks. It is possible Google deploys the stable version by September 2022, just before the arrival of the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in October.

Quels changements sur la bêta 4.1 d’Android 13 ?

Dans les notes de patch, on découvre que les précedes bêta d’Android 13 abritaient toujours des bugs de connectivité with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but also in its Meet video application and with GPS. Here is the detail of all the corrections made by the update:

  • Correction of a problem that prevents you from activating or deactivating Bluetooth if you do not have the BLUETOOTH_CONNECT authorization, even if the application targets an API level where this authorization is not required.
  • Correction of problems that sometimes cause the device to crash and restart when connecting to certain Wi-Fi networks.
  • Correction of a problem à cause duquel la connectivité de la rencontre pouvait être interrompue pending la conduite.
  • Correction of a problem where the system could incorrectly interpret GPS data.

The build is currently in deployment sous le nom de TPB4.220624.008, and the new OTA files are already available for the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 ranges. If you are in the Android Beta program, cette mise à jour should arrive on your device in the next few days.

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