Google constrained de payer une amende de 34.9 million dollars

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (SFA) is ordered to amend 2 billion rubles (around $34.9 million) from Google LLC to pay a dominant position in YouTube video services.

Russie, mardi 26 juillet 2022.- C’est la presse Russie qui en a fait l’annonce. Google LLC will have to pay the fine in two months citing a communiqué from the SFA.

The actions of Google, added the regulator, lead to sudden blockages and the deletion of user accounts without explanation.

The Russian SFA established that un tel comportement violates the interests of users and restricts competition on related markets, the SFA said.

L’affaire contre Google decoulé d’une action en justice intentée par le Public Internet Technology Center (ROTsIT), a non-Governmentale russe organization qui regroupe les internautes.

This month, ROTsIT asked the antitrust regulator to open a procedure against the live video platform Twitch to block Russian users, with economic damages as a result.

Vant Bèf Info (VBI)

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