Google attaque l’application de rencontre Tinder en justice

Internet giant Google announced on Monday that Match Group, owner of the Tinder dating application, would have breached its contract. Il s’agit d’une nouvelle étape dans le litige juridique qui oppose les deux sociétés.

Match, which is behind several dating applications such as Tinder and OkCupid, filed a complaint in May about the conditions imposed by Google on the application providers of the Play Store, the application boutique for smartphones and tablets using the system of exploitation Android. Google obliges the developers to use its payment system, on which it punctures a commission and thanks to which it can collect more data from consumers. Ces pratiques font l’objet d’une enquête des authorities de la concurrence au Royaume-Uni et aux Pays Bas. Google made concessions to Match to avoid an eventual order from a tribunal in the United States to put an end to these practices.

Match has withdrawn a demand in exchange for guarantees that the group can temporarily offer other payment possibilities and that its applications will not disappear from the Play Store. Lundi, Google a cependant contre-attaqué, poursuivant Match pour rupture de contrat presumé, estimant que le groupe agi de mauvaise foi. According to Google, Match wanted to use the services of the Play Store for free, while the other developers had to pay, placing the company in a privileged position. Google requires compensation and wants to be able to permanently remove Match dating applications from its Play Store.

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