Google Apporte Enfin Cette Fonctionnalité YouTube “très Attendue” à Plus D’iPhone y D’iPad


Google an announcement in the picture and picture mode from YouTube for iOS and iPadOS in Juin de l’année dernière. Two months after the announcement, the company began testing the feature among YouTube Premium users. Try termination in australia and society, a conservative announcement and development and great PiP feature for YouTube Premium users and free for iOS and iPadOS.

Google an announcement in YouTube image and image mode for iOS and iPadOS in Juin de l’année dernière. Two months after the announcement, the company started testing the functionality with it YouTube Premium users. Le test s’est terminée en avril et la société a maintenant anouncement un deployment plus large du mode PiP pour les deux primary et des users Free YouTube for iOS and iPadOS.
Image and YouTube image sera available throw iPhone et iPads running iOS 15 etc iPad Systems d’exploitation OS15. After that, Google confirm the blog article that uses the Premium Bénéficieront de la funcción PiP quelle que soit la region dans laquelle ils vivent. The feature will only be available for non-Premium users, but only in the American regions and will only work for non-musical content.
Speaking of deployment, the mise à jour is now deployed for all users of the world. Cependant, il s’agit d’un développement progressive et il devrait attreiner tout le monde au cours d’une semaine.
Transfer the image you want to save, the function of YouTube image and image through YouTube to use the content and insert video into an extended content. The contextual window can float on any application and give users the possibility of viewing YouTube videos while using another application on their smartphone or tablet.
Cassettes with PiP enabled on iPhone and iPad
The YouTube app and access to other parameters
Press General and activate the Image dans l’image toggle


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