Google announces Pixel Buds Pro and AirPods Pro

Occ l’occasion de sa conference annuelle, Google a announcement for future pairs of clothes TWS: les Pixel Buds Pro. These coils built into a coprocessor are designed for the drilling of the drum and the music that is developed by the firm. It provides active plus reduction of efficiency and a slight noise isolation for appeals. Les Pixel Buds Pro sorted at the same time as the Pixel 6a and sold for 219 euros.

The opening conference of Google I / O a commencé mollement. But it finishes on the wheel hubs. The Mountain View firm has multiplied the announcements of new products. Some are classified again, like the Pixel 6a which is officially official. And others follow the end of the picture. Here you will find the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which will include the Pixel watch, which will be accompanied by the Pixel. Return to our presentation a presentation of each of its products. Another is also announced for the following link: Google’s tablette premiere.

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Le Pixel 6a, vendu 459 euros, sorted by at least July. It is made of a connected accessory «Made by Google»: les Pixel Buds Pro. It comes from the second pair of Mountain View hoods. Ονομασία «Pro» oblige, ils ne se positionnent pas sur le meme segment de prix. If the original Pixel Buds were very attractive at the price level, they would have been traded for 99 euros, the Pixel Buds Pro would have been up to less than 200 euros for them 219 euros. Who cares about Apple Pro AirPods.

A Google coprocessor for active fruit reduction

Get the award, Google promet une experience très quality. Durant the presentation, the firm does not focus too much on the musical qualities of Haut-parleurs from 11 mm Built-in audio for small chassis, mais sur le comfort audio. Google does not have the effect that la reduction of bruit active greenhouse, part of which is powered by artificial intelligence of a part, but also by a new coprocessor for processing audio signals developed by Google.

google pixel buds pro officiel

Active grain reduction is accomplished in a transparent mode, especially. A function of common commune. Google insists on concentrating algorithms the sound insulation, indicating what is clear for all of them with whom you have a conversation on the phone. For other announced functions, you can retrieve Fast coupleto connect the Pixel Buds Pro instantly to several devices, the pressure sensor to avoid the sensation of light bulbs.

google pixel buds pro officiel

Advertising launch at the same time as the Pixel 6a

C autonomté autonomie, Google promet jusqu’à 11 deadlines for use with a single charge (and up to 31 hours with the down payment), without any security under any circumstances. It is evident that, in order to have a long body, the reduction of active fruit is in service. Notez also that the boitier is compatible charge without fil and that the boilers, certified IPX4, integrating a touch surface for user controls. Les Pixel Buds Pro classifies with temperature and Pixel 6a. Precursors start in the United States on July 21 and are now available on July 28. French dates are not official.

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