Google προτοιμασία can be a mysterious high-end phone

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(Pocket-lint) – Google announces its combined Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro screens, and it either flips through its rugged but slim screens, even though it chose to be ready.

9to5Google searches for additional Pixel devices available with a wide range screen.

L’équipe là-bas a creusé dans le code available for publication provided by the Android Open Source project.

For the code, Google uses the code names for its non-traded devices. C10 and P10 font reference in Cheetah and Panther, with Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 codes.

It also contains references to two other code names: Felix and Lynx. At what point does the Pixel 7a reach and possibly the Pixel is pliable.

If it does not suffice, the code will be supported to support a completely different device, and the code name is G10.

It does not actually have the name of the clamshell attachment code attached to the cell, and the cell phone has been chosen as a mystery.

Jusqu’à present, the symbol which is fed by one pens Tensor, and it is only susceptible in the Pixel series.

The serum is capable of taux de rafraîchissement at 120Hz, with comme le Pixel 6 Pro, and with a resolution of 1440×3210 and taille de 71x155mm correspondent or 6 Pro, also.

This means that the G10 does not have to refer to the Pixel tablet and is a small device.

Donc, be that we are not grand-choices for the moment, is interesting to see. It may be that Google follows the Apple tracks and sorts a Pro Max model, for the instant independent, the symbol that our devrons present and show.

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