Glamorous revelations about the ASE fiasco

Points must be given from the annals, the visit of AS Saint-Etienne to the finest by being in Ligue 1 at most moments.

This is where the club can be from now on, and as soon as the Ligue 1 passes to 18 clubs and then only the number of potential mounts in the next season. However, this is not the case when the ASEAN and its affiliates approach the seminal processes, which is why this relevance is sanctioned by the two-part part of Verts which freezes in the same.

In a very long article recounting the 123 days that preceded the Saint-Etienne descent, Bernard Lions delivers the preserved scoops that are present, but there are some episodes that lead to the last days. the vertices, the humility of their inner gear, the disassembled human body, without counting the support of the supporters who arrange it.

Amazon filmait bien l’ASSE

The whole object of the documentary should be poured, but probably in the sense of the seal. Amazon is set to make a documentary at the end of the ASE season, retelling the “drama” of Pascal Dupraz’s Toulouse retention in 2016. Stephanie conductors are almost always defensive from Amazon , and carrying Bernard Lions to the mansion, and the affirmation that the Amazon has turned around to try to diffuse these sequences, before the Verts descent does not go all the way. One more man, as the president of the ASE, Roland Romeyer is accused of not avoiding even using the password Bernardoni and Thioub, threatened by Angers, against the SCO, provoking a great intensity of the match between the two teams.

At this time, Saint-Etienne repaired the classification and Pascal Dupraz bombed the tower, thinking of keeping it in the cup, having entered the contract, and firing its rivals like the Clermont and Not Borse drivers. The Savoyard on the same stage will fight with André Monteiro, the addition of David Guion, in the slopes of the Bordeaux stadium. Mostly visually, as the technician like the players, the mentality does not have to be rendered to be safe. Romain Hamouma is seriously blessed to be striking the main in a punching-ball while at Wahbi Khazri University, Mahdi Camara before a punching-ball team after a landslide from here to there with the mother.

Khazri demands a prime premium

You will find these situations relevant, the jumper on which they can be taken first. Khazri or demand a maintenance premium before the last journal and match in Nantes, which the direction of the waste, preferably consume this silver to the employees of the club. Keeping up with your rendezvous, all before a video tribune in the event of the suspension of a part of Geoffroy-Guichard. The Green Angels are used for multiple smoky and provoking l’interruption du match face à Monaco pour féter leur anniversaire. The supporters who’s russied to recover the addresses of the jewelers or their president Roland Romeyer, inviting him to “traverse the route”. This tag on the masonry also has a very smooth reference to the fact that the conductor Stephanos is surprised to see a cell. Desormais, which is all the ASE that enters, and differentiates the dignified behaviors in this history.

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