Free legal advice for women in Caen

Lawyers Illustration © Nicolas CLAICH

Mardi 8 March 2022 mark the international journal of women’s rights. In this case, the lawyers of the barreau Caen (Calvados) suggest free tips, à destination for women.

Civil, criminal, family, professional…

Throughout the journal (9 h – 17 h), women who wish to meet a lawyer who is a civil or criminal counselor in the family domain (right of guard, divorce, intra-family’s staff) .

All consultations are free online

Throughout the year, advocates for the Barracks of Caen respond to free consultations with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Chamber of Meters and Crafts (CMA), and the Mary of Blainville. sur Orne et de Mondeville, Ma la Maison de la Justice et du Droit ainsi qu’au Tribunal judikireire Caen et de Vire.

The consultations for the déroulent à la Maison de l’avocat, sur rendez-vous.

Maison de l’Avocat. 3, avenue de l’Hippodrome (ZAC Gardin), à Caen (Καλβάντος).

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