For Elon Musk, Tesla’s competitor is not the only one who cares

Ο Elon Musk does not try to filter on Twitter, but rather perfumes to get interesting information about the vision of the business. It’s every day, that is in a reply to a tweet which indicates that it is, according to you, its reversible verbatim. And this is not a car builder before.

Sharing freely all that is followed by the headline on Twitter, Elon Musk expansive (souvenir). We also need more than one way of doing things to advance your business. All information that is not disseminated should not be taken at the foot of the letter, it is sure to be a reference of its stage of expression, from a point of view of business.

In one of its tweets published on May 25, 2022, in the light of Teslarati, it can be considered that it is not a big competitor, not a GAFAM manufacturer, but also a complete addition to the car: Aramco.

Qu’est-ce qu’Aramco;

« I think Tesla has the ability to perceive the most valued history. When Tesla’s capitalization, which is in renewable energies, decreases in Aramco cells, which produces fossil fuels, as soon as the planet has a bel before it “, A tweet by Elon Musk.

Aramco, or Saudi Aramco, is the Saudi national hydrocarbon company. This is the largest oil company in the world. It uses the quasi-totality of hydrocarbon resources of Saudi Arabia, which represents a considerable part of the oil in the world. Given the current situation of conflict with Russia, this is literally the oil rigs.

As Apple dominates the stock exchanges after the Covid pandemic, Aramco wants to repay the firm’s after the debut. In May, the capitalization of the stock market exceeded $ 2 430 billion (soit 2 263 billion euros the environment). Elon Musk does not choose to reverse his adversaries.

Ask for a lens for Elon Musk;

There are two aspects that Elon Musk exclaimed about being Aramco. For the first time, it’s what Elon Musk was all about completing the best, because it’s all over the place. And, at this moment, the first place in terms of stock exchange validation is detected by Aramco, which is for the target lens. If Tesla were to drive all automakers with extreme capitalizations, at a rate of $ 1,000 billion, then it would be new to cross with Aram.

Tesla stock exchange courses // Source: google screen capture

One foot from the car builders

The second aspect of this objective has a more ecological dimension. The Aramco battalion sends a strong signal that the world is changing, and that the fossil energy industry is in the domain plus the world economy. A utopian vision that conquers the life of Elon Musk. Through Tesla, the entrepreneur can develop an ecosystem of solutions using renewable and volatile energies (as well as solar panels). Products that are positioned in the opposite of solutions produced by Aramco.

At Elon Musk University, consideration should be given to all car manufacturers. Which is a part of the Exchange or products Valorization. The Tesla driver in Jamaica caché qu’il n’avita plus other to build, and to close, other automakers.

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