Financial application Lydia has been notified in the Google ecosystem

Applying mobile telephony financiers services large public Lydia intended to specialize and optimize the acquisition strategy of new digital clients. Lancee in 2013, the cette application proposes an experience of simplification and intuitive payment and management services. Εφαρμογή This connotation of Fintech franchise will be able to develop and develop a digital acquisition strategy.

Lydia appeals to the Ad con up Ad Consulting cabinet to improve its acquisition strategy through different devices on the assembly of Google diffusion channels, directing the Display video platform, the search network, Discover , Gmail messaging, Play store app store, etc. to increase the visibility and performance of the brand.

Lydia’s agency travailler sur la stratégie SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and Google’s optimization to optimize its new market position and create new banking investments. For this purpose, the pilot teams notifiably different advertising campaigns based on notary objectives, acquisition and conversion of the customer in the Google channel assembly (YouTube, Display Network, Search Network, Play Store Discover, etc., Gmail,) .

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