Fernandez se rebiffe et arrache le deuxième set … Zverev-Alcaraz à 15h … Follow the final quarters live

13:58: Ok this party, Trevisan is in bulldozer mode. 3-0, Merci, Bonsoir.

13:56: And voile, elle crake sur la troisième balle de break. It’s right for you that Trevisan is more fortunate and just puts out a few minutes.

13:54 : Caution, three break balls for Trevisan. One connection for Fernandez after its return to the second set.

13:52 : Trevisan ouvre ce troisième set par un je blanc après avoir concédé la dexième manche sur a double fault.

13:46: It’s true! Double fa Trevisan qui offre deuxième manche à Fernandez. Sacré reveil de la Canadienne après premiere set complicated.

13:45: 6-3 and set ball for Canada!

13:42 : Dix minutes après avoir sauvé ne balle de match, Leylah Fernandez méne désormais 3-0 dans ce tie break.

13:41: This is a white game for Italians.

13:40 : Ça cogite mais ça fait le taf, 40-0. On va se diriger gentiment vers le tie-break.

13:38 : And drive without a game without having to say 6 à 5! Do you want to stay in the city of Trevisan?

13:34: Encore a super return of Fernandez! 5 games out

13:33: A ball of 5-5 iv next! Elle lâchera pas la gamine.

13:31: Match ball fired by a new coupe of very rough size. Y’a pas à dire, quand elle cogne comme ça, ça tabasse sévère.

13:30: And hop, y’a plus rien … 40-30 και premiere ball match for the 57th World Cup!

13:27: All thunder, two claws of Fernandez who trevisily trevisan in the strings. 0-30

13:27: All thunder, two claws of Fernandez who trevisily trevisan in the strings. 0-30

13:25: Ahhhhh Fernandez qui (re) craque au pire des moments! 5-4 for Trevisan to serve for a place at a time.

13:19 : Depreciation, lobe, volume on the file, Fernandez sorts all that in the drawers to push Trevisan’s the price and pay. 4-3 for the 17th World Cup, which we can take in the first set with the appeal to the Chinese but which will be delivered at a moment’s notice.

13:15: Four saves break balls by Trevisan and 3-3!

13:13 : Grosse baston sur ce 6e jeu. Trevisan a frélé le nouveau break mais ça touche lignane de justesse par dui fois. And the revolver with a bullet to shoot -3 3-3.

13:08: Καλό βεν τσά n’aura pas traîné puisque Martina Trevisan debreak straight.

13:05: Fight, Fernandes fight le break power mener 3-1!

: Et allez! Πρεμιέρα στο διάλειμμα pour Canadienne sur cette volée qui acroche la line.

13:03 : The antidotes have no effect, Fernandez the air at least trapped at the moment of acceleration. Vive la Science.

13 hours : For the moment it is a paying tactic that would not go unnoticed in your service. 2-1 Fernandez

12:55 : I’m under the impression that Fernandez has decoded the rafters (relative to the double foot) sending bag after bag.

12:52 : Allez, premiere point pour Fernandez dans ce deuxième set! Oui, j’ai choisi mon camp car je ne cracherai pas sur match un peu plus disputé.

12:50 : Nelson Monfort WTF Magnetic Sequence which involves a Mexican family for their demand because Roland-Garros is the world champion. Madre Mia …

12:48: Ca n’aura pas suffi, Trevisan s’impose sans forcer dans le premier set.

12:47 : Fernandez se rebiffe et efface trois balles de set, bien ouej.

12:45 : For the coupon you do not think that Trevisan believes in whoever suits him, otherwise he ballads and does not offer three sets of balls.

12:44 : To discuss with the referee, you want me as if you are not on a train to plan the inspirations (comprendre, the consigns) of the coach of Trevisan from the tribune.

12:43: It would be good to clarify about the Canadienne qui est menée 5 à 2.

12:40 : I’s the impression that Fernandez drank a little while… Which does not have the effect of closing this ball for men 15-0 on his service. Mais Trevisan touches the course before (4-2).

12:37 : Tous les bons massage at une fin. Respectively.

12:35 : Elle in profit to make œil à ses notes on his petit carnet. Prenez-en la graine’s four students and four’s who follow their exams.

12:32 : A double at the level of the right foot. There are so many things to do that will help you. It is as if you want the ball, a band of unstable petite fouls.

12:30 p.m. : Leylah Fernandez appealed to the cinema. Petite pause fraîcheur, chez vous, à la maison.

12:28 : Bien vu petite! Canadians provide justice to this point.

12:25: Fernandez is running away and free a double ball from Trevisan after he drops it sent to Perpette-les-Oies.

12:21 : What is it, Fernandez marks his first point and enters his turn in the match. 2-1 Trevisan. Up to 19 pigs, also take measurement of the gear and the most context on the sentiment plus related to this game.

12:19 : Oui, je sais, je me suis emmêlé les mikados en announcing the first point for Fernandez. And fall that you rent years (and more) in this live.

12:18 : I do not want to leave a single minute while Trevisan is not there and confirms his break. 2-0

12:15 : Trevisan a du mal face aux parpings de Fernandez, qui prend la balles très tôt au rebond. 40-On the service of Italy.

12:12: Italy sends big entry scores and direct break.

12:10: All the parties for this race premiere!

12:05 : This is what happened at the first quarter of the women’s final which opposes the Italian Martina Trevisan (28 pigs and 59th in the world) to the Canadian young Leylah Fernandez (19 years, 18 years).

12h: C’est l’heure, les enfents!

11:55 : Allez, plus that 5 minutes before the antenna prize on France 4. Tic, tac, tic, tac. I’m not sure how you got it so you chose Roland’s debut, but I’m ignorant that it does not exist.

11:30 : I also do not have a suit, on which I keep a journal of my lectures, in order to be honored with not twice as many special envoys to Roland. Et aujourd’hui, le min qu’on puisse dire c’est qu’il ya de quoi faire!

11:15: Hello Roland-Garrix! Taken in 20 Minutes for a live journal news novel with a program deriving the bassoons for the debut of the final quarters.

Hello friends! If you plan to be the boss of the day, take care of all the suites that sound complicated. With two quarters of monstrous finale between Alexander Zverev and the little Spanish Espagnol Carlos Alcaraz on one side, and the image of the legends between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic from the other (in night session on celui-l) to your sign an excursion time has elapsed before the phone can be restored (and 20 Minutes) and the rest can be restarted until later. The program being intensely more light than the previous days, taking the antenna one foot more than the distance.

»Rendez-vous donc on the coups of 11h30-midi for launching this newspaper all over the Parisian area.

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