Elon Musk’s vision on the TV channel: return or release

In the mails sent to Tesla teams, Elon Musk demanded that his desk be sold at the office “at least” 40 hours per week, under which he would return the company. The sound is almost ascending.

The travel code is definitely not the same in France as in the United States. On this very day, the message sent by Elon Musk to Tesla employees is due to the unanimity, which consists of the Atlantic. On Reddit and on social networks, Elon Musk’s farm is covered by teletravel. Throw the billionaire All persons who work at a distance must be in the office for a minimum (and they must be at a “minimum”) of 40 hours per week or part of Tesla. It is at least what we demand from the openings of the machines. ». The output of a mail is not the object “The telegraph is not more acceptable”.

Elon Musk met with en avant l’égalité entre les salariés

On the paper, the argument before Elon Musk is all acceptable. Owners, too, are obliged to come to the place. The name of the work time, the person who does not have the right to be authorized to travel. Only persons who have passed less than 40 hours per place may continue to work at the masonry, affinity, suppose, without having to leave the opening with the openings. An absolutist vision, in the line of its other opinions (on the freedom of expression by example).

Bien sur, il est difficile de ne pas y voir unere suree υποκρισία. In all enterprises, all materials are not subject to the same hourly and geographical contraindications. This anti-TV vision is not in phase with Tesla’s modernity, but conforms to all the other large groups (Apple, for example, which suggests that its uses are revised). Elon Musk, although it is known for its heated work, that it’s a voyage of relief and that it has several companies. They also can not get all the days in the office.

In another mail (with object «To be very clear»story of returning a couch), Elon Musk qualifies for televail “Fake office” and you know that the companies that practice it do not have the sort of bons products during longtime. «This is what I do only in the car – for those who work on the line trying to work with their couches. Si je n’avais pas fait cela, Tesla aurait fait failite depuis longtemps », ajoute le billionaire.

Which Tesla’s employees and the outside world is the tone employed by Elon Musk in both mails. Including yourself used to get back is a choice, managing all the money in denigrating all the telegraphs and other entries and being one. The potential future patron of Twitter is due to an egalitarian sovereignty which, in one pay as the United States, to which it claims.

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