Earth Avocats enhance their son Care with the nomination of Sophie Imbault

An expert in efficiency and operation, with a very fine consistency of all legal, current and projected issues around social habitat, given an excellent knowledge of its actors. The body is one of the most characteristic of the portrait Sophie Imbault.

Advocate at the Barreau de Paris since 2015, Sophie Imbault is a graduate of Master 2 in Droit public approfondi de Panthéon-Assas University. Elle exerce at Earth Avocats after six years to Florence David’s Quotes, Responsive for Cabinet Care.

Sophie Imbault is an acquis pispρογνωμοσύνη pubsée in droi public general and in droi of societies oriented precisely on the sector of Social Habitat. The council also includes social institutions, notably in the framework of restructuring resulting from ELAN (approach, mergers, creation of coordination societies, etc.) etc. of the cabinet a leader on this march. An expertise which also applies to professional federations of the sector, such as institutional and private actors (ETI, OPH, HLM or SEM society, private promotions in line with the sector). An off-road company unique on the march.

Since Sophie Imbault also interviewed for the Institutinelle organization of bailiffs (separation of competencies between instances, relationships with collecting or operating collectives, structuring of structuring of attribution commissions, etc. of authors of control, financing operations specific to the sector and the diversification of their activities through structural and / or contractual assemblies.

“This new stage is the completion of a common confinement and the willingness to force the place of the cabinet as the major actor in the Social Habitat sector. The cabinet offers an ideal frame, with a Culture of Excellence and strong synergies with other practices “, says Sophie Imbault.

Avec la nomination de Sophie Imbault, Earth Avocats confirm the place of reference and the social sector. It offers which naturally complements the service of the cabinet and the Care pole, which offers a degree of excellence reconciled in the accompaniment of projects of general interest.

«For our cabinet, Sophie Imbault’s association is a mark of reconnaissance of all its expertise. It represents a major trump card for Earth Advocates aircraft, which also extends its competency field to Care», explicit Yves-René Guillou, Associate-guarantor of Earth Avocats.

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