Diphthérie: 4 cases identified in La Réunion, une autochtone circulation is suspected

Four cases of diphtheria have been identified in La Réunion since the beginning of the year. Il s’agit d’une infection bacérienne contagieuse, qui peut casener des atteintes neurologique ou cardiaque graves. L’ARS rappelle que la embolio permet de s’en prémunir.

An adolescent girl and three adults over 55 years have contracted diphtheria in La Réunion, since 1eh January Ces quatre personnes n’avaient pas voyage. Une circulation autochtone est donc suspectée.

In the past, La Réunion recorded an average of 2 cases of diphtheria per year, among people traveling in risky areas for a short period of time before the symptoms were declared.

The Réunion La 1ère report:

Several cases of diphtheria in La Réunion, the health authorities appeal to prudence

Diphtheria is a contagious bacterial infection that can provoke angina, either in the most frequent form, or in a cutaneous form with chronic wounds. The bacteria can also be responsible for serious neurological or cardiac problems due to the diphtheria toxin.

The transmission is made from a sick person or a healthy carrier by droplets of saliva or contact with the plays of a sick person. Les malades non-traités resten contagieux pluses semaines à pluses mois.

La vaccination, avec des rappels, est un moyen de prevention efficace, indicatent les authorities sanitaires. The DTP vaccine (Diphtérie Tétanos Polio) is mandatory chez les jeunes infants, puis plusieurs rappels sont recommandés en fonction de l’âge, precisent-elles.

The primary vaccination of infants includes two injections at the age of 2 and 4 months, followed by a rappel at the age of 11 months. Plusieres rappels sont ensuite recommandés à 6 ans, 12 ans, 25 ans, 45 ans 65 ans, puis tous les les 10 ans au-delà de 65 ans.

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