Décodé : pourquoi Google a besoin d’entreprises locales pour voir les rues indiennes

Google is mapping a mercredi Street View en Inde en partenariat avec Tech Mahindra et Genesys International. This is the first time in the world that the service will be fully charged by local partners. Le géant de la technologie has announced the collaboration lors du launch de la feature, which will be present on the 11 days.

Qu’est-ce que Street View ?

Street View is a representation virtualle des rues et des environs in Google Maps, a composition of millions of panoramic images, qui créent une expérience du monde réel. The feature allows users to have a 360-degree view of streets, tourist sites, restaurants and monuments all while stationed in a single location.

The 360 ​​degree imagery is created by vehicles equipped with a 360 degree camera, which are driven in the street to take photos. Dans d’autres pays, le contenu de Street View comes from two sources: Google and individual contributors. However, in India, these will be collected by the new local partners of the tech giant. “Thanks to our collective efforts, we allow people from around the world to explore virtually the world,” explains the official Street View site.

Is sera-t-il available?

The feature will cover starting more than 150,000 km in ten Indian cities – Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmednagar and Amritsar. The company plans to expand to more than 50 cities by the end of 2022.

Pourquoi le launch de la funcción at-il été retardé en Inde ?

Google an introduction to the Street View font for the 2007 premiere and villas of the États-Unis. The company launched Street View in India in 2011, but it was banned by the government. Au moins deux fois au cours de la dernière decade, the Indian authorities have refused the authorization to launch the feature, citing security problems.

Il a été signalé que les autorités étaiten sceptiques quant à l’utilité de cette feature pour les terrorists, car images à 360 degrees potrouint révéler l’emplacement sensible d’installations militaires. At Google, l’absence de cadre légal a conduit à des “misinterpretations” au niveau gouvernemental.

How is the feature launched now?

In February 2021, the Department of science and technology an introduction of the addresses for the collections of données géospatiales. The new policy has removed the need for prior approvals for survey, cartography and construction applications involving geospatial data.

Les lignes directrices comprenaient des règles sur la collecte, l’utilisation et l’octroi de Licenses pour les données cartographiques. It has also provided a list of zones such as governmental properties, defense establishments and military campuses, where geospatial imagery is restricted due to security concerns.

Why does Google need local partners to collect data?

In order to encourage national innovation and technology, the Geospatial Directives of 2021 limit foreign companies to a precision radius of 1 meter. La politique permet aux entreprises étrangères d’accesseur aux données plus fines que le seuil de 1 mètre en utilisant les interfaces de programmation d’application qui ne contournent pas les titulaires de licenseux nationalaux. Thus, Google requires that the collection and ownership of data rest with local entities.

What is the role of local partners?

Dans le cadre d’un accord de License avec Google, Genesys et Tech Mahindra collection of images and données associés des rues indiennes. Ils profiteront de l’infrastructure pour l’imagerie et la cartographie des rues indiennes. Tech Mahindra a partner avec Mahindra et Mahindra pour les voitures et les e-rickshaws. The vehicles will be equipped with cameras and conduits in the streets to collect data. The company aims to collect 700,000 km of data over the next two years.

Are there alternatives to Google Street View and Inde?

The Indian competitor of Google Maps, MapmyIndia, has launched its own free 360-degree panoramic view called Mappls RealView, the same day Street View a vu le jour in India. RealView is available on the mapping company’s large public mapping portal, Mappls, and the Mappls app, for Android and iOS.

The cartography company WoNoBo, based in Bengaluru, also offers a 360-degree view of the streets of at least 54 Indian cities and villages.

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